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Which celebrities look older than their own age?

I think Angelina Jolie looks in her early 40's but she just turned 34

Megan fox looks in her late 20's in my opinion but she is 23

T-pain looks ih his early 30' but he is just 23

this is just for fun,lol

How about you?

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    Cameron Diaz is in her early 30's but she looks older than Jen Aniston who is 40 already! I know the girl is a surfer chick but she needs to up the SPF on her sunscreen b/c the sun is doing horrors to her skin!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Flo-Rida. To me he looks about 36 but he's only 29! That was a shock when I found out. In some photos he looks his age but i though he would be at LEAST in his early 30's x

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    Greg Oden He is 20-21 and looks like he is about 50

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    If you want my opinion I think that Megan Fox is just really pretty and sometimes she try's to hard and end's up just looking older then she really is!!! And Angelina doesnt look 40!!!!

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    Well, Miley Cyrus acts like she's 20 something and she's just 16.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Bob Hope and Roy Rogers

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    I think Miley Cyrus, i thought she was 21 or older then when i discovered that shes just 15 or something i was shocked

  • David Archuleta! He looks like he's 12-15 but he's already 18!

    Yeah Miley Cyrus looks old. :|

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    ALL of them due to their fast-paced lifestyle.

    Did you see Dolly Parton this morning? Gawd her eye makeup is so heavy and disgusting. She looked like the picture of Dorian Grey.

  • JoMo
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    Steve Martin's hair went grey when he was super young, so it's funny to see how old he used to look, but I guess he looks about his age now.


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