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100 reasons you know your obsessed with twilight when...?

65....If you have fantasies of taking down a mountain lion that is bigger and faster than you and can crush like a pop can.

66....You've developed a habit of saying things like "Sure, sure" And "You're being absurd"

67....when you hang around the blood bank in the hope that Edward (or at least Carlisle) will turn up looking for more supplies.

68....when you start living your life like bella, and are happy to just live her life with edward in the books

69....when you do something, and then automatically say it in your head like it was writen in the book, and then change it so that it forms a whole new scene in the books

70....You wouldn't mind your house breaking if Edward was involved

71....You beg your mom at 330 am in the morning on a road trip to quickly take the exit because there is a silver Volvo back there and you want a picture with Edward's car.

72....You obsessively check Stephenie for new updates

73....You went to a Twilight release party and dressed as Bella

Update: hide in a corner at work on your lunch to read twilight so no one will interrupt your obsession

75....When you buy a second copy of all of them because you lent your copies out; and you are desperate to read them again and can't wait.

76....when every time you read new moon you bawl for like an hour because your so sad that edward left

77....You start comparing people you know with characters in the books

78....You have read the entire series more than three times

79....every time you put the book down you're in the same mood as bella

80....while reading New Moon you put it down for a few hours and feel like your life has no point until you can see Edward again... watch the movie trailer and somewhere in the back of your head feel slightly jealous that your going to have to see too ppl attempt playing the passionate relationship of Bella and Edward

82....when you are making love to your boyfriend and you call him Edward

Update 2:

You know you're obsessed with Twilight when...

1. …You desperately want to go to Forks...(even if its just a trip to say that you've been there)

2. …when it is rainy, cloudy, or snowy out you look to see if you can spot Edward Cullen

3. …you see something shiny and think of Edward in the sunshine

4. …Every time you see a silver volvo you smile to yourself (and secretly hope its Edward that steps out)

5. ...When some one bites a pillow and you laugh.

6. …you’re convinced vampires exist, and aren’t ashamed of it.

7. …When you tell your bf he is your Edward and expect him to take it as a huge complement.

8. …you have serious issues with the fact that Edward is a fictional character

9. …Clair De Lune is your favorite song.

10. …you creat an imaginary world where u are dating edward cullen.

11. …you shun anyone who tries to convince you that vampires don’t exist.

12. …you hear piano music and think that it's your lullaby that Edward wrote for you

13. …every time someone asks you who you have a crush on, your immediate response is “Edward Cullen.”

14. …you make shirts pertaining to the books.

15. …you have birthday parties for characters in the books.

16. …you plan on naming your kids after characters from the books.

17. …when someone asks you out, you say, “Sorry, I’m already dating/married to Edward Cullen.”

18. …you can relate just about anything to the books in at least some small way.

19. …You believe somewhere out there the whole series is actualy happenning

20. …your mom no longer threatens to ground you – she just threatens to take away your copy of the books.

21. …if anyone so much as looks at your books the wrong way you start screaming at them.

22. …you demand that everyone you know reads the books.

23. …you buy people the books for their birthday/any other holiday so they’ll read them.

24. …you ask someone what chapter/page number they’re on when they're reading one of the books and from that information you can recite exactly what is going on.

25. …you’ve read the books so many times they’re starting to fall apart.

26. …if anyone hasn’t read the books, you take it as a personal offense.

27. …you get annoyed people want to hang out because it is taking time away from reading

28. …everyone at school knows you as “the Twilight freak.”

29. …you can recite all of the books from memory.

30. …You can turn anything into a Twilight reference

31. …When you try to convince everyone (including yourself) that your a vampire

32. …you freaked out over the earlier release date of the movie

33. …you write “I love Edward Cullen” on all of your personal belongings, and take it as a personal offense whenever someone asks you who that is.

34. harass anyone with the same name as one of the characters in the books, convinced that they are that character and asking them questions you would ask the character like if they are a vampire or if they know Bella.

35. ...Whenever you think about the books, people stare at you strangely because you have started smiling and/or chuckling at nothing.

36. actually convince a guy to read them.

37.'re friends threaten to kill you if you mention Twilight one more time.

38. try to control your thoughts because Edward might hear them.

39. have gotten almost everyone you know to read Twilight.

40. ...yyou dream of your own personal edward

41. suddenly want to be very pale.

42. suddenly find pale boys very attractive.

43. ...your favorite website is a Twilight fan site.

44. ...whenever you're not reading Twilight, you're reading Twilight fanfics

45. ...You write Twlight fanfics.

46. ...your new favorite gem is topaz.

47.'ll only eat food mentioned in the books.

48. know the exact number of pages in each of the books

49.....your favorite time of day is at twilight and when its breaking dawn

50.....your favorite type of night is when there is a new moon or an eclipse

51.....You wake up in the middle of the night and expect to see Edward in your room

52.....When you daydream about being with edward everyday all day. only when your phone goes off do you snap out of the daze but hope to see his number.

53....when you try to walk gracefully like a vampire

54....If you see a dog and start giggling

55....You wish Jacob Black would imprint on you.

56....When songs remind you of the relationship between Edward and Bella

57....If every time you hear the word "newborn" you think of a bloodthirsty vampire instead of a cute little baby

58....You flip through Twilight constantly, rereading everything about Edward. refer to certain guys as Edward or Jacob

60....I start grinning like an idiot when twilight comes up

61....When you see Rob or Kristen you shout "there's bella and edward!!!!" cried when you finished breaking dawn finished the other books in a day each

64....Anytime you hear someone say "Edward" and you scream "What?! Where?!"

65....If you hav

Update 3:

89....When you start asking your mother questions like, "Ma would you understand if I had to turn into a vampire, move to Alaska and leave you guys so I don't eat you?"

90....When you wake up in the morning and fine that the only reason you are so cold is that you left you window open for Edward've already made plans to go see the midnight showing including we ♥ Edward t-shirts quote twilight then burst out laughing while people stare at you listen to River Flows in You over and over and over with your eyes close hoping Edward is the one playing carry the books with you everywhere so u can show people what they are missing

95....when you beg your boyfriend to dress up as a Edward just so you can say your dating Edward

96....When you have a countdown until Nov 21 on your facebook profile

97....When you restart reading a series you just finished the day before

Update 4:

83....when you go to the hospital and hope to see Carlisle Cullen

84....When your sister is talking about bats and your mom looks at you and says "Like Edward?!" and you flip out and go into a deep explanation of the fact that Edward DOES NOT turn into a bat. flip when you see vampire fangs and try to ignore your mom's comments about Edward but begin to go into a detailed explanation about how vampire's certainly do not have fangs

86....when your family complains that you keep saying Edward's name in your sleep

87....When you give people an "are you an alien or something?" look if they say that they haven't read the series

88....if you break up with your wonderful boyfriend for a week after reading the saga because you are depressed that they are not edward but you give him excuses like, "it's just better for you if we aren't together"

Update 5:

98....If you wonder maybe...just maybe there really ARE vampires out there and maybe...just MAYBE Edward isn't fictional....

...but really hope that Bella is so you won't have her as competition!

99....If you cried when you saw the words "The End."

100....If your Reading this right now

this is from a note i wrote a while ago on my facebook

i just copied it from there so it took like 5 seconds

Update 6:

it took me about 20 mins to type it

Update 7:

and when i do these i''m not bored i just really enjoy writing i have over 30 notes on my facebook

Update 8:

my point was that i myself am a huge twilight fan

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    when you bought a hoodie from ebay that says cullens baseball in red glitter on the back

    and showed it off at school

    even if people thought you were weird

    Source(s): i did that
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    LOL...well i don't have a countdown on my facebook page but i do on my myspace on all my metropolosis accts (all on myspace) all my cities are either Forks, Port ANgelos, or La Push. Have read all the books 5 times and have the audio books on my mp3 player so i can listen to them at fictional bf isn't Edward though it's Jasper or Emmitt depending on my mood. Everytime i hear thunder i think the vampires are outside playing baseball...

    Gooner you're not're just Twerd

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    101. you read twilight in church

    102. you assume all native americans are qulieutes

    103. you have found forks on google maps

    104. you have found la push on google maps

    105. you actually look at heroin with some appeal

    106. you can never hear the word sparkle the same

    107. you actually realize the best part of the movie "prom night" was kellan lutz

    108. you look at your boyfriend and cry

    109. your mad that bella wasn't in The Legend of Zelda : Twilight Princess

    Source(s): i just made these up here. i could probably do more. i am a guy. i like girls. i just read the books.
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    If you have or are going to get a twilight related tattoo.

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    After watching the movie with my boyfriend I told him that I love him but he should be more like Edward - he did not like that one bit! hehe

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    i have to say this. how long did it take you to type this Inventive facebook message?? but you do have a Point

    Source(s): my eyes when i read it
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  • An G
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    1 decade ago must be bored.....

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