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JJ asked in Games & RecreationHobbies & Crafts · 1 decade ago

Acrylic and water paints together?

I am doing a painting for our living room. I am just wondering if I can use water paints and acrylic paints on the same canvas?


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    Hey, it's art! You can do whatever you want. As long as you aren't mixing solvent-based paints (such as oils, spray paint) with water-based paints (such as acrylics and watercolor) your brushes will clean up with ease. One thing about watercolors, if you plan to do a wash it doesn't work very well on canvas as it does on watercolor paper. For the best effect on canvas, you could apply the watercolor paint from the tube and create some great effects. I would use some scrap canvas and experiment with some various techniques to achieve the desired effect prior to painting the masterpiece. Have fun!

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    I agree with the previous answerer, but do be aware that watercolor paints are *not* waterproof when dry and will need to be sealed, where acrylic paints are automatically waterproof when dry.

    You can also mix watercolor paints into acrylic paints if you should ever want to since they're both "water-based," though I'm not sure why you would since acrylic paints thinned down with clear acrylic medium or even water will look like watercolors. (Again, they're both water-based so clean up with water, but acrylics won't bleed or dissolve in water like watercolors will once they're *dry.*)


    Diane B.

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