Simple Math disproves Noah's ark?

Elephants eats 660lbs of greenery per day, times 150 days on the ark you get, 99,000lbs of greenery for one elephant. That's excluding Hippo's, Giraffes, Bears, Rhino's, etc. With all the Weight of animals (16,000 species) and food storage you get a number around...20 million pounds. If you argue that they were baby animals then babies would need milk supply from their mothers. The stored milk would go bad in hours. Noah's dimensions of the ark would simply not hold up to that. Second, The waters reached to the highest mountains (29,029 ft). The deepest part of the ocean is 35,797 feet. With 40 days of rain (fresh water) that would equal out to about 82% of fresh water mixed with sea water. All fresh water fish, and all marine life would die in hours. Third, the carnivorous animals would need to eat even after the ark had landed on Mt. Ararat. So, what did they eat until the other animals would populate? Again if they were baby animals they would have to wait even longer. No dead carcasses. 150 days in water they would decompose and the meat would be no good. Last but not least, a polar bear can swim up to 50 miles. How do you expect it to swim across the Atlantic? That not including the other animals in South America, Australia, North America, Antartica, and Green Land.


God would have to intervien from the survival of plankton to taking care of the 11 million tons of animal waste being produced daily.

Update 2:

Since he is god wouldnt it be easier to snap his fingers and kill everyone instantly? I think you should question this story and the fallibility of it. Otherwise, put a blind fold on and walk in traffic while praying and see what blind faith does...

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    there are 10,000 different species of bees alone.

    30,000 different species of birds.

    heck, there are 300,000 known species of non-swimming beetles.

    It's a child's story. and any adult that still believes it just has a child's mind.

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    First off the Armenian dig site of Noah's ark is looking %99 sure that its Noah's ark. #2 is the finding that Noah apparently used round shaped smaller vessels in tow to hold supplies the remains of two of them are close to the dig as to did the ark contain every known animal and bug? No just the animals of the region in my opinion. But many other peoples have flood hero's also its likely that god had people in other parts of the world doing what Noah did.the bible only speaks of the 8 that went on to become isreal did Noah go to the north pole to round up polar bears? Use common sense here! The ice poles never got covered and why? Ice floats! Surely thousands of ice islands gave refuge to those animals

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    Okay, let's examine this more closely. First of all, God didn't intend to drown every last person on Earth. Noah and his family escaped judgment. Secondly, everyone knows that internet sources are questionable at best. You provided a link to something. Okay- how do we know that the resource is reliable? You are assuming that God has to work within the confines of nature. Wrong. God created the laws of nature, and he can break them whenever he likes. God created science. He could have made it rain torrents onto the Earth, so your violent rain hypothesis fails. The highest point on the planet is not Mount Everest. If you measure from the center of the planet earth, the farthest point or distance from the center of Earth is Chimborazo in the Andes. The flood could have been localized. It needn't have covered the entire planet. If the world population was located in a limited geographic region, the flood would only have needed to cover a small fraction of the planetary surface. Nice try, sunshine.

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    Just the other day I was contemplating the idea of how would be the best way to transport all species of a planet to another planet.Embryos would work till I realized all Mammals need an adult to raze the young.Another point is how did Noah transport the animals to there new habitats? And how did he know where to take them? Noah was a trader of goods not an anthropologist!

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    I believe the building of the Ark was not so much to save the animals, but to save Noah and his family. It was to test and strengthen his faith.

    I don't know what the animals ate while on the Ark (or even if they needed to eat).

    God made mana for those in Christ's time, why couldn't He make food for the animals in their time of need?

    I do believe that God could and WOULD sustain me for much longer than it took the water to cover the world (or part world, or whatever) and to go back down if I was the one doing His will upon the earth.

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    To be fair, what an elephant normally eats per day isn't really the point. I imagine an elephant could potentially go several days without eating at all. You cannot assume that the animals ate on the ark as they would have in the wild.

    More to the point, anyone who believes the Noah's Ark story is very unlikely to be convinced by something like rational argument. Everyone reading this either already knows that the story is nonsense, or is incapable of understanding your point.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Logic will not stop them man. They have gone centuries thinking a man literally parted the sea and their savior is a crazy zombie guy who got crucified and then came back 3 days later to EAT BRAINS!!! Oh, you don't believe that, you just have to have faith. (The definition of faith being I can never prove that this happened but I am smug ****** who thinks that they are going to heaven because my cult told me so when I got up early on Sunday) Keep drinking the kool-aid guys. At least I have a lot of people to look down upon. And if you believe that, I have some magical beans I can sell you.

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    There is more proof in other areas. There were an estimated 20,000 species of animal at the time. The ark had plenty of space for it all. And God was working behind the scenes.

    You can come up with as much "proof" as you want that it didn't happen. The Bible and God says it did, and that is all the proof I need. I take Gods word over some false science and silly math any day.

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    Thank you. You have added more proof that the Noah's Ark story is pure nonsense. I have also been on to this here;_ylt=AsxPZ...

    One interesting suggestion is that if the creationists do not have the money to build an Ark replica then they could perhaps create a virtual Ark using a CAD program to demonstrate the feasibility. Come on Creationists. I challenge you to do it.

    Of course they will not but that will not stop them from continuing their deliberate and dishonest attempts to poison the minds of children and the ignorant with hogwash.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Of course there is no way to know how many animals boarded the ark. 16,000 seems a little high. Less than a hundred are named. Some animals were undoubtedly left to fend for themselves. There is no written testimony that animals were gathered from every continent. When Noah says he gathered every animal, I'm sure he is just talking about those that were available locally. Gross generalizations are generally true but not necessarily specifically so.

  • Phil F
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    1 decade ago

    Not only that but if we go by the "cubit" measurement given in the Bible then either the mountains were very very short back then or the Ark was absolutely in miles long. Which even with steel is impossible.

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