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Tokio Hotel. Hate it or love it?

I hate them so damn much.

Are there more haters than lovers of Tokio Hotel?

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    i LOVE them!

    and to the people above who say i don't have a good taste in music, well you must not either becuase i like metallica, rhcp, linken park & much more too.

    i don't mind that people don't like them, everyone has their opinions, but because i listen to tokio hotel, don't just assume i'm a stupid fan girl who loves stupid teen boy bands, like the jonas brothers and all those other artists, because i don't, i couldn't dislike them anymore than you could.

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    I LOVE Tokio Hotel!

    They are not like the Jonas Brothers! Has anyone that says that even looked at Tokio Hotel? Do they look like the Jonas Brothers? NO.

    Has anyone that says that ever heard their music? Does it sound like the Jonas Brothers? (Maybe some of the songs do sometimes, but listen to the lyrics!) NO. Maybe it's not your style of music, but Tokio Hotel's lyrics actually mean something! Unlike the Jonas Brothers' lyrics that always seem like they are the exact same in all of their songs.

    Jonas Brothers & Tokio Hotel. Two totally completely opposite bands.

    EDIT - Well, I guess that you people that compare Tokio Hotel to the Jonas Brothers really haven't heard Tokio hotel's music have you?

    Because you think they scream! They do not scream just because they have a song & an album called "Scream".

    & if people like Screamo music, then that's their choice of music. Real music to you is music that other people hate.

    Remember that next time you tell someone to go listen to real music.

    Oh, yeah... looks like there's more fans than haters!

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    How the h*ll could you hate them?By you asking a question saying how much you hate them makes you look like an idiot.If you hate something you should try your best to avoid it and not think about it.Obviously you love hatred.And how the h*ll could people compare them to the Jonas Brothers?The Jonas Brothers SUCK!And how could somebody say that they already don't like them just because of the way they look?Listen to the music than say whether you like them or not.And to all the people that say listen to some real music can just go eff themselves because music is music.Everybody likes different things and not EVERYBODY is gonna like what you like.It just makes people seem like a holes if they say that.I find it so funny how people say "listen to real music" meaning they want people to conform to what people will "accept" of them liking.Well sorry I'm anticonformity and I'm gonna go with what I like and not what's gonna make me "accepted" by people who think they know it all and with hate in their hearts.And by all that I said above me I think you can tell that I LOVE Tokio Hotel.

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    I loooove them,you can't even compare them to the JB brothers their is nothing to compare. Tokio hotel is a real band making real music while the JB's are a tween music act. And if you hate them so much why are you wasting your time even asking questions about them, I don't understand people who do that on here and YouTube they hate people like miley but waste their time commenting on her videos and stuff. Tokio hotel is one of the best bands out their. TOKIO HOTEL FAMILY UNITE!!!!!!

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    LOL If you hate them why do you even bother to acknowledge them? seriously.. don't invest time in something you truly ''hate.'' It just makes you look like a total idiot. I respect you're opinion on not liking them..but if they aren't affecing you in anyway then why even bother to post a question about them? It just gives them more attention. And if you think there are more haters than lovers.. BRING IN THE YAHOO TOKIO HOTEL FAMILY EVERY BODY! Star!

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    Tokio Hotel is the best band ever!

    & you dont know what your missing out by hating them.

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    I LOVE TOKIO HOTEL! They are an amazing band, and why do you hate them? Have you ever even given them a chance?

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    Tokio Hotel is amazing!!!! Their german songs are a lot better than the english ones, sorry to say.

    Love them!!

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    Ich liebe ♥Tokio Hotel♥. They are NOTHING like the Jon-@ss sisters!! **** everyone who says that. And **** you too. You only posted this question to look for "fellow haterzzz" and you got major fans on your back instead, arschlogh.

    Fick dich.

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