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What is the time difference between los angeles and london?

Im going on holiday to los angeles, coming from essex, what is the time difference?


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    GMT is 8 hours ahead of PST, so right now it's 1:20 in the morning in Los Angeles, and 9:20AM in London. A handy website to bookmark is

    because will tell you the exact time in any city around the world. On most mobile phones you can create clocks for multiple time zones so you can always see what time it is in those locations.

    Have a awesome time on your holiday here!

    ~ Pax / Peace : )

    Source(s): I live in LA, and my mom lives in London, so I'm well accustomed to knowing the time in both locations.
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    Los Angeles London Time Difference

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    Time Difference In London

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    The time on the west coast of the United States is GMT minus 8. In other words take the current time in London, subtract 8 hours, and that will be the current time in Los Angeles.

    Don't forget that the rules for the Visa Waiver have changed. You must nor apply a few days before departing the U.K. online at "". Look for the "ESTA" program. Print out a copy and keep it with you. Have a great time here in the U.S.

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    London is 8 hrs ahead of Los angeles and probably about 3 years ahead in the style department. but we have better eateries

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    LA is 8 hours behind London.

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    When it is noon in Los Angeles, it is 8PM in London

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    8 hours.

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    if it is 11am in London it is6am inNew York and 3am in LA hope that helps

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    9 hours

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