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Ok, now I feel stupid...can someone who knows science help a Christian out please?

I'm 14 and was and am a Born Again Christian all my life. Well I was home schooled most of my life and never really learned about evolution and stuff like that but I think it's pretty interesting although I'm not sure that's how humans got here because it seems like God created Adam and Eve in his own image which would mean that we were fully human right?

How do we know that fossils are so old and are the ways they date fossils even accurate? Couldn't God make them appear older if he wanted to?

Okay so my other question is how old is the universe? I feel really stupid now and very confused about my faith because I'm reading about the stars since I have always LOVED astronomy and learning more and more about the age of the universe... 15 BILLION years old?!?!? How is that possible? Doesn't that go against the Bible or is there an explanation for this? Couldn't God just make it appear like stars were millions of lightyears away when reality the world is only several thousand years old?

I'm very confused about everything now!!! What does this mean about my faith? I love God and believe in Jesus and his Word but now I am starting to doubt because I have always trusted and loved science and astronomy but the more I learn the more it just feels like it goes against my I wrong to think this?

Someone smart please help me!!



Thank you everyone for all of your responses! They have been very very helpful and I think I understand a lot more and believe the Bible is not exactly meant to be literal but more of a guideline it makes much more sense now.

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    There are different schools of thought among Creationists.

    One school believes the earth to be about 4.6 billion years old. These are called "old earth creationists" as opposed to "young earth creationists" , who believe the earth and the universe is much younger.

    Both raise many interesting valid points supporting their assertions.

    For a man who is by profession an astrophysicist and believes in the "old earth" creation model, try this website.....

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    I wish I was the "smart" person you are looking for. But I wanted to give it a shot.

    First, there are a lot of 'forced' choices that are really false. The bible does not say how old the universe is, but some people made a calculation based on what the bible does say...and scientists came up with a different number. So what? If it is 15 billion years old, does that mean it wasn't created by God? Does that mean that the bible is note true? Obviously, no.

    Then there are lots of different theories about the development of the earth...including a REforming of the world.(as in the world became void and formless) things are not mutually exclusive. You've read about lots of volcano explosions and comet hits that changed the world. Seems like it could have been that way, but we don't know.

    Science in the reformation came out of the Christian tradition, believing that we could learn more about God from his creation. Sounds like a plausible reason for continuing the study now.

    There is no conflict between the truth of God and the findings of science...but there are things that are not explained...yet.

    Source(s): Romans 1:20 For ever since the world was created, people have seen the earth and sky. Through everything God made, they can clearly see his invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature. So they have no excuse for not knowing God.
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    Research isotope dating. Carbon dating is good, but it can only go so far. Carbon dating measures time by the rate the carbon decomposed. Isotope/radiometric dating measures radioactive decay. Well, under the theory that God can do anything, yes, he could. But, he wouldn't make them older, he would make them younger, as the bible says the world is only 6,000 years old, whereas science adds a few zeros.

    Regarding the universe. Research "light year" and star distances. When you start figuring out how long it takes for the light of one star to reach earth, then you will begin to fully understand why it is pretty much agreed upon we are dealing with something beyond our scope of time. Yes, this goes against the bible, but you have to understand that much of what we know about the universe has been learned after the bible was written, so knowledge has changed a wee bit.

    Much of what science knows about our earth and universe goes against the literal words of the bible. And no, when it comes to making stars and galaxies look further away than they are, God can't really do that except in our own perceptions.

    As for Adam and Eve, well, I'm not going to touch that one.

    No, you are not wrong to be questioning. Find your own answers. Don't listen to mine, or some one else's answers. Listen to your own. You have access to the internet, so you have access to all the knowledge in the world.

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    There is nothing wrong with being curious about things like this and I have actually spent a lot of time trying to figure out things like .. When were the dinosaurs here? I know they were here but when?

    The way most scientists date fossils is Carbon 14 Dating. It has been proven to be highly inaccurate in certain situations. Carbon 14 dating measures the rate the carbon in a material breaks down. The breakdown of the carbon in any material is subject to the object's location and things like temperature and weather. It is not accurate because temperature and weather can cause it to breakdown faster.. showing it to be much, much older than what it is.

    How old is the Earth? The only person who knows the answer to that is God himself but I think I might have an idea of why science shows it to be so old. Time does not exist to God the same way it does to us. A day to us might be a thousand days to God. A year to us might be ten thousand years to God.

    And another point that has to be considered is how long Adam and Eve were in the Garden of Eden. They had the garden to themselves, and time pretty much did not exist to them until they sinned.

    I hope I heled you instead of confusing you more. Science can back up the Bible if you look into it far enough. Did you know that Darwin.. the guy that came up with the theory of evolution said that he was wrong before he died? Look it up :)

    You should visit the Creation Museum. I am pretty sure it is either in Kentucky or Ohio. Best of luck to you. There is nothing wrong with thinking for yourself.

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    Not sure why you have gotten twisted up, but ya better figure it out. The Bible is the ONLY prophetic book with a 100% track record, even at my home that is perfect! And true, pure science VALIDATES The Bible since it was written there, before man had a clue.(I've never had that one explained to me) Where do you think all these "brilliant " minds got the ideas to puzzle out to begin with? Carbon dating has been proven very flaky, at best.

    We are living in a time when time is running out on the devil, and he knows it.The more people that he can lead away from Christ, that is the only satisfaction the devil can find. If your home schooled, you should know these things already. get your nose back into The Word, read, study, and pray, DAILY!!! Do not be deceived!!

    Let me take you on a scriptural journey, share this with your Mom, and see where it leads you.

    Hosea 4:6; Provrb 1:7; 8:13; 2:5-6; Psalm 34:11-end; 97:10; 111:10;, now, take your concordance, and search out all the verses that have the "phrase" that you have just read. Be Blessed!

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    If you're actually looking to learn about science, feel free to email or IM me anytime. Science is my specialty, and I love biology, astronomy, and cosmology in particular. :)

    There are a lot of Christians who believe in evolution and the Big Bang and all that. These Christians feel that Genesis was meant to be largely metaphorical, and that that was how God chose to explain Creation to humans in the distant past, because a man from 10,000 years ago wouldn't be able to understand and write down evolution and the Big Bang, right?

    Some Christians even say they think it discredits God to think that he would be bound by what the early authors of the Bible were able to understand. So many of the things modern science is discovering would have been completely inconceivable to humans even 50 years ago, much less 5,000 years ago. Just because we can't understand it easily, they say, doesn't mean God couldn't have used elegant and extraordinary means to create the universe as we know it today.

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    There are two different Christian theories:

    First: When the bible describes God creating the universe in 6 days, these days were not literal. What is a day to God? It very well could have been each day meant billions of years. This supports the universe being around 10 billion years old.

    Second: When the bible describes God creating the universe in 6 days, these days were literal. This means based on geneology in the bible, and other scientific evidence the earth is 6,000 to 10,000 years old. I have studied this theory in every way possible and have come to the conclusion that based on incredible evidence the earth is in fact this age. Carbon dating is the main obstacle in this theory, but is very inconsistent, and runs on many assumptions.

    For more info about this, and evolution check out this website:

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    You are not wrong to think and religion are not necessarily incompatible, although you may feel the need to rethink some of the specifics of your belief in light of what you learn about science.

    I am not a theist, but I'm not trying to talk you out of your faith, which seems very important to you. However, it seems to me that the scientific explanations for natural phenomena and processes are much more reasonable and understandable than twisting yourself into knots trying to reconcile observed reality with the Bible.

    I know that millions of Christians have no difficulty in recognizing and acknowledging scientific fact, observation, and theory while continuing to have faith in their religion. You do not have to give up your belief in god to have a scientific mind. In fact, many Christians believe that it is up to you to use the mind god gave you to the best of your ability - and they find a great deal of god's presence in the conclusions and observations of science.

    Other people have provided a lot of links to material that can help you with this issue and there are plenty of resources available on the web. Try to ensure that any resources you use are as unbiased as possible and try to avoid zealots on either side of the question...they're usually the ones who try to tell you that they can "prove" the other side wrong. It stands to reason that neither one can prove anything, since this "debate" rages on. Also try to avoid those who tell you that it's perfectly simple - it isn't.

    I wish you the best of luck...and I hope you follow your interest in science. When you find something that interests you, I believe you should pursue it, stretch your mind and your understanding, and gain better knowledge of the world around you.

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    The bible says God created the earth the stars and everything in it the heavens above and made man in his image so science won't work with religion when they think we have evolved from apes if you believe both then your are saying God is a ape they also believe this because our dna and apes is alot the same but so is our dna and floors so did we evolve from them of course not dna is in alot of things it could be this is what God used to create the things of the earth and also when it says in his image it could mean by our love kindness peace and forgivness things like that. Also they say fossils are millions of years old based on where they are in the earth in the layers of the earth but if there was a world wide flood like it says in the bible then that would be why we think fossils are older than they are christian scientists believe this that a world wide flood would make us think the earth is much older than it seems. The stars in the sky and planets the same gos for them we think we know how old they are but we don't for to carry out a experiment we would have to test and retest on these to prove it and we can't. What i don't get though is why do christians think we live in a young earth where does it mention this in the bible.

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    Forget all that stuff about your god trying to make the universe look older than it really is because your religion states that your god is not a deceiver.

    The bible is often contradicted by science, however, some enlightened believers say the bible is not meant to be a science book. Instead, they look at the bible as a collection of teachings on how we should get along with each other. You can keep being a believer, but you have to realize the bible falls apart if you try to read it literally.

    Watch out for those creationist websites that try to use 'science' to prove the universe is only a few thousand years old. They are liars, and one of their leaders, Kent Hovind, is doing hard time for tax fraud. Of all the religious ideas out there, the creationists stand out as the biggest liars of all.


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    No you are nor wrong to think this because you are granted by God to rightly divide the word of truth. Truth from the bible, and from Science. Christianity allows you to test the spirits and to test the faith.

    2nd God would not create something to appear older then what it is because that would confuse the mess out of us, and God is not here to confuse us.

    3rd We are without excuse to say there is no God because of creation with studying science, and astronomy God is shown. (Romans 1:20). Of course a design needs a designer. We have information within are cells and information needs intelligence to put it there.

    For example with romans 1:20; the universe was discovered by the hubble telescope to be expanding. God in his word states that he is expanding the universe. (Isaiah 40:22). to name one passage of 7.

    Many men create alternatives for not believing in God, but science finds the absolute truth. The Big Bang Theory was used as an alternative, but the big bang theory is like earth being a balloon. It was small, but then it began to expand rapidly. Science now knows the earth had a beginning, and before that beginning there was no time or matter. It used to be thought that the universe has always existed. But entropy has disproved this. An eternal universe would have dissolved by now. The Big Bang Theory isn't used to support the bible because of why it was created, but again true science can't deny what was stated in scripture.

    Genesis. 1:1 In the beginning... (We have a beginning). God (Not mention in the Big Bang Theory). Created (Hebrew word is bara, it means divinely created. To created something when there is no pre existing matter). The heavens and the earth.

    God created the firmament on day two, which firmament means expanse. and God called this expanse sky. So on day two the expanse began to happen. That's as far as the Big Bang Theory goes along with the bible. From there it doesn't fit in with scripture.

    There are over a 100 scientific facts found within the Bible. But if you have questions about science and the bible then check out They have scholars, and scientist who can answer all your questions and have articles also.

    Here's an essay I did on stars if you want to read it...

    During day four of creation Moses writes in Genesis 1:16... "He made the stars also." To the naked eye we can count an estaminet of 2,000 stars. Logically thinking, Since we have skeptics in our day declaring that the bible is wrong for a number of reasons, then in biblical days they had skeptics who've probably said, "It is written that the stars could not be counted, yet we have numbered them, and have put them into ordered consolations, have named this the north star, and called this group the big dipper, etc... We've gone even farther and have created stories from the group of stars."

    We know today, however, there are one hundred thousand million galaxies and each galaxy contains a hundred thousand million stars!

    However notice the one hundred thousand million. Such an insane number because its backwards! But multiply those two numbers and you get this number.


    How do you grasp the amount of that number? If you can count to three million every second. Over one hundred million years you may have counted that number.

    Moses described the purpose of the sun and the moon, yet it's like Moses made an after thought in this passage, "Oh, by the way, God created the stars also." It's like Moses is listing off the things God can do as if it were no big deal. Those old time believers may have had skeptics who said the stars could be numbered even though they can't . They didn't have the evidence that we had today, but those of faith stood their ground. I tell you that the constant rise of new findings and new fossils of today are true findings and were real creatures, but misinterpreted facts. So keep strong in the faith regardless of fossilized lemurs being misinterpreted as a missing-chimpanzy monkey-man-link. Over the course of time Evolution will continue to change their doctrine, yet we will remain the same with our doctrine and as humans. Stay your ground and keep the faith.

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