What does my last name mean? Where does it come from?

My last name is IHRER ( I -er) I believe it's german and there are less then 30 Ihrer's in the US. What does my last name mean? Where does it come from? Any websites that can help trace my family history (that's FREE) would be a big help.

My grandfather's name is Frederick Ihrer (if that helps)

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  • Trulla
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    1 decade ago
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    Is this your family?


    FamillySearch writes "Werttemberg" but its "Württemberg" in Germany.

    "Ihringen" is a municipality at Baden-Württemberg.

    I found a site at wiki unfortunately only in German:


  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    After searching for the Surnames using the spelling you provided it appears the they come from an area now known as Slavic countries. Meaning that Czech and Hungarian would be the correct place for this name to have originated. I was not able to locate an exact spelling that matched what you provided or a meaning to either name.

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