Are there any scholarships or grants for people on parole or probation?

I have a friend that has been trying to turn his life around for awhile. He comes from a family and life that most of us only see in the movies. Now that he's older and he's trying to change his life around. I want to help him by getting him into school.

I want to help him get into CFNI.

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    I don't know of any scholarships that are targeted specifically at ex-cons, but there is good news -

    Despite your friend's history, he is completely eligible to apply for all forms of Federal Student Aid. The only FSA rule relating to criminal background pertains to certain convictions for drug offenses that occurred while the applicant was actually receiving financial aid.

    That's not going to solve your problem, however - and that's because CFNI (I'm presuming you are referring to the Dallas-based Christ for the Nations) is not accredited by any of the major accreditation organizations - that means that this particular school is not eligible to participate in the Federal Student Aid system.

    You can find that information right on the CFNI website:

    "CFNI is not accredited by any organization recognized by the U.S. Department of Education; therefore, we are unable to offer financial assistance such as federal grants and loans."

    As beneficial as the programs at CFNI might be for your friend, I'm going to honestly recommend that you consider alternative schools that do participate in the Federal Student Aid system. The US Department of Education is far and away the largest provider of financial aid to US college students, and it would be a shame for your friend to not have access to any of those possible forms of assistance - especially since he IS eligible to apply for them.

    (And don't get the wrong idea - there are MANY religious-affiliated schools that participate in FSA - CFNI just doesn't happen to be one of them.)

    The lack of accreditation should concern you for other reasons - accreditation is your assurance that the school offers a quality education.

    I think it's wonderful what you are trying to do for your friend, but I'd encourage you to consider other potential schools. You and your friend can probably benefit tremendously from reading this US Department of Education booklet - it's a great introduction to the entire financial aid system, and all of the programs that are available to him.

    Good luck to you!

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