Rank These Starting Pitchers for Ten Points Please?

I'm trying to make some trades in my league and help out my pitching so help me figure out which of the following players will be the best pitchers from here on out. You can rank them 1-10, 1-5, whatever:

Wandy Rodriguez, David Price, Aaron Harang, Tommy Hanson, Zach Duke, Kevin Slowey, Edwin Jackson, Jair Jurrjens, Ricky Nolasco (supposed to be back soon), Scott Baker, Clayton Kershaw, Chris Volstad, JA Happ, Mark Buehrle, Rick Porcello, Gil Meche.

Thank you and the best reply will win the ten points, thanks again! =)

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    Edwin Jackson : He's amazing and you don't have a really standout pitcher there so he's #1.

    Clayton Kershaw : I like him, he's not bad and more reliable than most of the guys on here.

    David Price : Great last game and would be nice to see if he can keep those K's up.

    Gil Meche : I don't really like him that much but he's got decent stats.

    Kevin Slowey : Very bad start, but has looked great as of late. I want to see if he'll keep it up.

    Zach Duke : I know this is high but, he's had very good stats and just doesn't have a familiar name.

    Wandy Rodriguez : Had a very bad start against the Pirates.. When you have a bad start against them you know you can't be relied on.

    Mark Buehrle : I don't own him so I don't know much about him but he's a familiar name so I guess he's reliable? (Don't take my advice here)

    Chris Volstad : I like him this year. He's had a nice year so far.

    Rick Porcello : I know he's looked really good but I don't expect him to keep it up.

    Jair Jurrjens : He hasn't been amazing but he's good.

    JA Happ : I like him so far this year and hope he'll get better.

    Aaron Harang : Don't own him, so I don't know much about him.

    Scott Baker : He's been very bad so far but I think he'll get better. Buy low on him.

    Tommy Hanson : He would be last but I hate Nolasco this year. I never trust a prospect because as you've seen this year so far Wieters, Hughes, Zimmermann and Jordan Schafer they can turn out very bad in fantasy situations. I'm not saying Wieters is bad, but none of these guys lived up to their hype.

    Ricky Nolasco : I plain hate him. I'd rather have Chien-Ming Wang.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Wow, those guys above me are crazy. I hope to god you havent made any trades according to those rankings. Follow this and you will be fine:

    1. Kevin Slowey

    2. Clayton Kershaw

    3. Wandy Rodriguez

    4. Aaron Harang

    5. Scott Baker

    6. Gil Meche

    7. Chris Volstad

    8. Mark Buehrle

    9. Jair Jurrjens

    10. David Price

    11. Edwin Jackson

    12. Zach Duke

    13. Rick Porcello

    14. Ricky Nolasco

    15. Tommy Hanson

    16. JA Happ

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  • 1 decade ago

    Here's my order - hope I help! --> 10 pts.??? please ;-)

    Gil Meche

    Chris Volstad,

    Mark Buehrle,

    David Price,

    Kevin Slowey,

    Ricky Nolasco (supposed to be back soon),

    Tommy Hanson,

    Zach Duke,

    Jair Jurrjens,

    Wandy Rodriguez,

    Aaron Harang,

    JA Happ,

    Edwin Jackson,

    Scott Baker,

    Clayton Kershaw,

    Rick Porcello.

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  • 1 decade ago

    1. Kevin Slowey

    2. Aaron Harang

    3. Mark Buehrle

    4. Wandy Rodriguez

    5. Edwin Jackson

    6. David Price

    7. Clayton Kershaw

    8. Chris Volstad

    9. Scott Baker

    10.Jair Jurrjens

    Harang is one of top pitchers this year even though his stats don't show it. He should bounce back very soon. Jackson and Price are having a nice year so far, but they are young and things could change.

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  • 3 years ago

    2b is an extremely shallow place yet you have 3 useful ones. attempt to commerce one for a masher. you've got 5 RP in this setup so drop shields and Gaudin and pickup Lidge and Accardo. additionally attempt to commerce Lowell because of fact he has some undesirable 2d a million/2 splits. Drop Pena and p.c.. up Sexson he had a monster 2d a million/2 final year. Drop Teahan and p.c.. up Delmon youthful or Gonzalez. look at paying for and advertising Verlander because of fact he gets constrained starts off down interior the stretch. Perez could be owned over Lowry.

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