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What countries have the highest/lowest abortion rates?

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    Countries in Eastern Europe have the highest.

    Countries in Western Europe have the lowest.

    But in the future TTC is not the best place for ANY abortion question.

    Source(s): former abortion counselor
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    People need to stop being ignorant and actually think about it before they go calling people murderers. Ok so a 9 year old gets raped by her dad and ends up pregnant. If that girl gave birth to the baby, she'd die in labor. A 12 year old falls into peer pressure and has sex with her 16 year old boyfriend and when he finds out she's pregnant he leaves her. You think she'll be responsible and mature enough to take care of a child at age 12? A 25 year old woman who has a drug problem and sniffs crack accidentally gets pregnant. Would you be able to live your life knowing some innocent little kid is mentally challenged and could possibly have a genetical drug addiction? Personally, I'd rather just not be born. I'm sure a lot of kids AND adults out there would rather have been aborted, including me. The world is a filthy disgusting place to raise a child. And it's already dying of overpopulation.

  • Why do you want to know this? Weird question...anyway, your guess would be as good as mine.

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    It should be banned everywhere. That is murder

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