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Best Allstar Cheerleading Squads in the Country?

What are some REALLY good all-star cheer squads in the U.S.A.? They dont have to be well known just really good ones. Please tell the loaction too.

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    There's a lot of really good all star teams across the country. I named my top favorites that have won worlds this year or in the past.

    Gym Tyme-Louisville, Ky

    Brandon- Tampa, Fl

    World Cup- Free Hold, New Jersey

    Top Gun- Miami, Fl

    Flip Factory- Pensacola, Fl

    Cheer Extreme-Raleigh, Nc

    Cheer Athletics- Dallas, TX

    Maryland Twisters- Glen Burnie, Maryland

    Stingrays- Kennesaw, Georgia

    Georgia All Stars- Roswell, Georgia

    ACE- Montgomery, Al

    Spirit of Texa- Arlington, TX

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    Top All Star Cheerleading Teams

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    relies upon, If its for a Junior team you may desire to be high-quality. I made my junior team point 3 whilst i grew to become into youthful and that i did not even have my returned handspring and my jumps sucked. If its for senior, relies upon on the squad you desire to connect. whilst i grew to become into moved as much as the senior team, over 0.5 did not have returned handsprings. yet for Senior, you will probable want your tuck

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    basically any squad in texas buut go to, they just had UCA All Stars Nationals and will have the listings of who participated and who got what-those will be the best squads around.

    Source(s): I was on NWSilverstars-you'll see their name there ;)
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