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Does Roblox Give Viruses?

So I used to play on roblox alot. My brother had my dad download it seemed okay, but after a few months i think our computer crashed. We THINK it was because of roblox but we are not sure. My brother gets kind of crazy when he goes on the computer so we think he might have kept clicking things too fast and it did something. But like I said we are not sure. Can someone please tell me if roblox gives viruses?

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    No, it does not. some people have compatibilty issues and such. You have to have a defragged hardrive to work roblox at full power. It works best on vista.

    Okay, I have roblox on my vista and it works just fine. You see, people blame everything on roblox with no proof. (I've even scanned it multiple times to see.)

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    I've been a roblox player since 2012 some people use infected scripts that come with hundreds of viruses some roblox games are safe but I don't know which ones are safe the website does not have any viruses unless you click on an ad by accident but if you go into any games your computer might get a few virus by few I mean a lot you can go to explore in the seach tab then click the bar at the top and type in c:/ then click Enter then you go to the search bar in the top right corner and type in roblox those are all of the files that roblox has for viruses

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    I'm pretty sure it doesn't.

    You might have like...already had it or someone else did it.

    Get a Scan. Your Internet provider usually gives cheap clean-ups.

    (like the people you pay for Internet...get it for like $10 for one time and even a daily cleanup for monthly payments.

    Glad to help!! =)


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