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Alienware vs. Dell ?

If Alienware is owned by Dell, why do Dell Computers suck and Alienware Computers "kick ***"?

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    ADD VERSION: Dell doesn't run Alienware, they just own it.

    Long Version:

    Dell completed its acquisition of Alienware Corporation on May 8. The terms of the purchase will not be disclosed.

    Alienware will maintain its own product development, marketing, sales, technical support and other operations as well as brand. The current management and founders of Alienware will continue to operate the company as a wholly owned subsidiary of Dell. Additional information on Alienware is available at

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    Dell owns Alienware, but Alienware is made for PERFORMANCE. Dell is for the regular Joe Schmoe. Alienware has the one for $949, by the way. Also, how can you go wrong with a computer name like Area 51? Regards, Brandon

  • Gordon
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    Because Alienware was a separate company and Dell bought them. Give Dell credit for keeping Alienware intact and not gutting them.

  • Jacob
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    Because a whole bunch of different people work for "dell" computers and "alienware" computers.

    And alienware are gaming systems.

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    Alienware are high-tec gaming computers (even if they are overpriced). MOST Dells are made for personal use or office where high-tec graphic cards and 6gb of ram isn't needed.

  • Anonymous
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    i think its the price but my friend is gettin some crazy *** alienware sht and its pretty awesome

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    i do to think t hat dell computers suck mine is so slow and alienwear rock i have heard

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