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i have been searching and searching for my boyfriend can someone help me?

My inmate was in Harris county Tx but Mississippi found a hold on him the day he was supposed 2 b released so they picked him up from Harris county I guess in a bus. idk how long its supposed to take to get there. Harris County told me the next jail he was supposed to be at, but when I called up 2 the jail he was supposed to be at, they said they don't have no record of him, I think they lied to me. I called his mom and she said that he's on a rout I guess they were still driving and picking up other inmates from different stations. She also said they changed the jail to a different jail he will be at but when I called to that jail also they don’t have a record of him. I looked up his name in the public search website in Mississippi I found his name in the system, but not the county jail. I can’t even call any jails bc the people up there got bad attitudes. How can I find out what county jail he’s supposed to b in?

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    why are you dating someone from jail???

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    The first thing you must do is find out what county in Mississippi, then contact the District Attorney of that County. All papers of inmates are transfered to the District Attorney of that County. The District Attorney should be able to help you.

    P.S. Why are you wasting your time with a guy thats getting caught up in jail. Once a guy goes to jail, he'll never stop going.

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