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I have a 97 gt mustang and i just put in a sound system, a few days later the car wont start at all?

and i just put in a sound system, a few days later the car wont start at all, my battery isnt dead the lights all come on, i was told it might be the starter, can this be true, when i turn the key to the on position, the car doesnt crank over or anything but all my instruments come on the radio and lights like normal, do i need a new starter???


i have tried jumping the car, it wont start either

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    It's coincidence that since you put good money in entertainment, a necessity to spend on maintenance came up. Rap sharrply on the starter and see if it works. Sometimes worn out brushes will get stuck and a tap frees them to make electrical contact again. This isn't a permanent fix, just a troubleshooting process. Also , check your battery with a voltmeter. Starters need a good, strong voltage and radios don't need that much. Take a look in your fuse box for bad fuses, especially the one for the charging system. If you dopn't see that one in particular, look in chiltons to see where it is hidden. Car makers like you to get your car towed to them for minor stuff like that to get a $100 for a fuse.

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    Give your throttle body a shot of some Throttle Body Cleaner. It's only a few bucks, an aerosol can and is a heck of a lot easier than getting under to your exhaust. It most likely is the IAC or TPS, both in the TB. It should also be showing some codes. Go double check at one of the autoparts stores, they typically do it for free right there in the parking lot too.

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    all the soundsystem upgrades and stuff would drain ur abttery, u may need a new one and a better alternator because all the extra juice is being sucked from the battery with ur new sound system. Not a bad thing just replace the alternator and battery and ull be all good.

    Source(s): My freind did that to his neon
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    Have you tried jump starting the car. If it will jump start then the starter should be fine.

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    batt check//lights may work but not enough juice to start//you may have something in the system that draws power

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    ohhh the troubles of a ford... expected

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