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Why do I sweat and stink so much. I take two r more showers a day in the summer. What can I do to help that?

Is there a strong deordorant? Or anything I can do.

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    2.Shave your armpits. Many women know and do it, but it will also help on men. The hair can trap the sweat and resulting bacteria that make you smell bad. Wash under your arms with warm water.

    3.Armpit odors. An easy way to get rid of armpit odors is to rub a dab of mouthwash underneath it as this will kill of any unwanted bacteria

    4.Wear deodorant. Know the difference between antiperspirants and deodorants. Antiperspirants prevent sweating, while deodorant neutralizes your body odor. Both are distinct from the fragrance that covers up what remains with a more pleasant smell. Use an unscented antiperspirant or deodorant if you wear cologne or if anyone you know is sensitive to fragrances. Getting the clear ones reduces white smudges. Shaving areas will reduce the amount of bad smell that has to be neutralized.

    5.Brush your teeth twice a day and floss at least once daily. Brush your tongue with toothpaste or use a tongue scraper. Follow up with mouthwash, if you like. Go to the dentist twice a year to keep your teeth in optimal condition.

    6.Wear socks. Sweaty feet trapped inside shoes are a recipe for bacterial growth. When at home, wear flip-flops or something that opens your feet to the air but doesn't let them touch the floor. Leather shoes and natural fibers (like canvas) will generally let feet breathe better than vinyl, rubber, and other synthetics. If your feet sweat heavily, consider using a foot powder.


    Use a touch of cologne/perfume. Drugstore colognes typically smell cheap; avoid them. Splurge a little and get something that you like. Then just put a dab on you.

    ◦Remember that you will become

    •Focus first on preventing odor through keeping clean. Then, use fragrances sparingly and selectively if you want, so they don't clash with one another.

    •If you sweat a lot, Mitchum has a higher percentage of aluminum than other antiperspirants and is therefore stronger and more effective[citation needed].

    •If you shave the pubic region, applying antiperspirant there will prevent any red stubble/irritation, provided the skin is not broken.

    •Vanilla is a scent that appeals to many men, so if you are out on a date with one, it can encourage the romantic mood[citation needed].

    •Wear your cologne lightly, don't overdo it.

    •Apply deodorant or lightly-scented lotion just after showering. This puts moisture back into your skin that your soap may have taken out, and keeps your body sweat-free from the start. Remember to thoroughly dry areas before applying deodorant, especially if you haven't shaved underarm hair.

    •Check your hands after eating food with really strong flavors because the smell can stain your skin for ages. It is not very appealing! You may need to scrub your hands to get rid of it.

    •White vinegar can also remove strong odors on the skin.

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    Maybe there has to do something with some minor illnesses in your body. You should go check the doctor to know what that illness maybe.

    But I think it's just because of the sun. Summer's really hot and even I, I stink sometimes during summer though I take a bath almost twice a day.

    Try wearing clothes that absorbs sweat, wear light-colored shirts.

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    I have no idea approximately different men and women, however I don't stink till the 4th day. We went tenting as soon as and went with out additional water provides, so we skipped the "wash up" hobbies. It used to be the morning of the 4th day that we needed to sneak right into a tenting flooring bathe's facility and take a bath. Boy, that used to be the quality bathe ever. Had to dry off with paper towels, too. A entirely new enjoy.

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    You can have Botox injected into your arm-pits to reduce the sweating. My friend had that done and she hardly ever sweats. However, Botox is only temporary and needs to be re-done every few months.

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    drysol. it's perscription so talk to a doctor. but its a miracle worker.

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