California Natural dog food sensitive stomach & Nutro foods?

So my greyhound Harvey has an extremely sensitive stomach and will either vomit or have diarrhea if we feed him anything besides his normal food. He is currently on Nutro Lamb and Rice large breed because this is the only food that "agrees" with his system (most natural foods are way too rich for him). I really don't like feeding him Nutro products due to their lower quality ingredients, and NUMEROUS recalls. I just opened a new bag of his food and he's vomited up bile a couple times this morning, and I was wondering if anyone else has noticed problems with their dogs on Nutro lately.

The second part of my question deals with California Natural foods. I was reading up on them and their limited ingredient list seems like it might benefit my dog. Has anyone had success with feeding California Naturals to a dog with a sensitive stomach, or has any other high quality foods that aren't too rich?


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    California Naturals is wonderful. My dog has a very sensitive stomach (he is a poodle) and he will not eat any food that has anything in it that will upset his tummy, so getting him to eat for the first year of his life was torture.

    We then heard about California Naturals and he is so excited about dinner time. We have been on California Naturals since he was just over a year old, and he is almost two now and still loves it.

    His favorite type of the 3 is Herring and Sweet Potato. My other dog and my nose prefers the Chicken and Rice but we switch up between the 3. He does great on all of it, as does my dog without tummy problems.

    I swear by Natura Products and California Natural is a winner in our home

    My dog has a hard time tolerating corn. And he has had Acute Pancreatitis in the past. We tried nutro and it made him so sick to his stomach (even worse than the crappy Purina we fed him originally and we aren't sure why but we had the one bag and never got it again)

    In our home you will only find Natura Dog Food.....and California Naturals has been wonderful for our dogs

    My poodle is healthy and thriving

    By the way we spend between 22 and 25 dollars a bag on california Naturals. (Depends on what formula we get, lamb is most expensive and it costs about 28 dollars here, we spend about 25 on Herring, and 22 on Chicken.

    On 15lb bag feeds both my dogs for a month (We have two small dogs)

    And at our store if you buy 12 bags you get the 13th one free

    Good luck

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    Nutro Sensitive Stomach

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    California Naturals Dog Food

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    My black lab has a really sensitive system also. The only foods she seems to be able to tolerate are California Natural and Purina One-without getting extremely gassy, diarrhea, and dry heaves.

    California natural is an excellent food. We've been feeding it for many years-but it's expensive. We also had a dog with food allergies that did excellently on it. Call around because a lot of pet stores have a frequent buyer program (like buy 9 bags get the 10th free) and at nearly $40 a bag, that will save you!

    As an alternative, you might also look into BARF diets. (It's not puke-it's Bones And Natural Foods) where you give the dog meat bones to eat and natural foods. You can make it yourself or buy it premade. (the premade is also expensive). If you have the time to make it, it could be a good thing. (You can make it in bulk and then freeze it, too, btw) I have 3 dogs and we tried BARF with them. The one with the sensitive stomach did well after the adjustment period (for the first week or so they could get loose stools due to the difference between the natural and the processed)-but we discontinued the BARF since the dogs were getting greedy and posessive about their raw bones where they'd want to fight. If you only have one dog, this shouldn't be a problem.

    Good luck!

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    I have a dog who did lots of vomiting on Nutro, too. The rescue insisted we keep him on it, but he was vomiting bile daily, and had constant (sometimes painful, totally liquid) diarrhea. Every food we tried after that did the same thing until we got to California Natural. It took quite a while for things to even out for him, but after about 6 weeks, he finally started having firm stools, and the vomitting quit nearly immediately after the switch. I would recommend giving it a try for a few months, at least. Just be prepared for a possibly rough dog went through some awful smelling stools, and some really soft ones during the transition (still better than when he was on the Nutro). Many people report severe digestive issues with Nutro-many claim that it outright killed their dogs. I don't trust it, I understand why you're interested in changing. Hope it works for you!

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    California Natural dog food sensitive stomach & Nutro foods?

    So my greyhound Harvey has an extremely sensitive stomach and will either vomit or have diarrhea if we feed him anything besides his normal food. He is currently on Nutro Lamb and Rice large breed because this is the only food that "agrees" with his system (most natural foods are way too...

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    Perfect timing on this question!!!! YES............I had Pilot on Nutro Natural Choice Lamb and Rice for the past "almost" 3 years, but I didn't like what I was reading and hearing about the Nutro products, and didn't want to overlook the issue/s. SO, A great contact told me about "California Natural". I read the ingredients and I immediately switched him to this food. It's been about 5 or 6 weeks now that he's been on the dry food, and I am seeing wonderful results!! He looks healthier, has dropped from 91 lbs to 86-87 lbs, and it has seem to aid in controlling his allergies........a wonderful thing!! No bowel problems, no vomiting or anything.

    I'm happy I made the change, and the next time I go to by the food, I'm going to try the Salmon and Herring flavor! I am happy with the limited ingredients..........and, Pilot gets bits of beef and veggies in his food. No chicken. AND, he really LOVES Salmon!

    I wish you well!! :oP

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    I use to feed nutro and both my dogs threw up everyday from it. I switched mine to taste of the wild and it fixed the problem right away. Since you are looking for a lower protein food that is not so rich I would not suggest taste of the wild. I know california naturals is a great food choice I would just look at the protein content and see what it is to make sure it wont be to rich. For your guy I suggest that you get a food with very simple ingredients so it does not upset his tummy. Hope this helps good luck!

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    I fed Nutro to all my dogs for years, and this is why I changed foods last year, sick and vomiting, Demon had to be taken to our vet he got so sick.

    I then switched to Canidae, well they changed their formula and did not tell the public till dogs got sick again.

    So about December I switched to Taste of the Wild, they love it, not one problem at all..never loose stools, no vomiting and they lick their bowls when finished.

    Check it out, they have so many formulas..

    and you may want to call your vet....But a warning, unless you want your dog to get really sick, Please do not feed Science Diet, it is not good for the intestinal tract, it causes intestinal problems. always has./

    good luck and I am sorry your baby is so sick.

    You can also try Blue Buffalo, it can be bought at your local Pet Store, Taste of the Wild at your local feed stores.

    these are some really good brands, and there are more.

    Taste of the Wild




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    I ended up going with purina one sensitive system formula for Andy. He would puke 7 times a day. It was the only food the poor little guy could eat without puking it up.

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