Ethiopia, Eritrean, Somalia ?

Tell me about these countries please and what they have in comman and their connections with each other.....thank you so much

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    Ethiopia was once called Abyssinia and was a great empire. It is a very diverse country with over 80 ethnic groups living there, most of them black ethnic Ethiopians like the Amharic and Tigrinya that make up the majority, and Oromo, Afar, etc. A little more than half of Ethiopia's population is Christian, less than 40% are Muslim, and there are a group of ethnic Ethiopians that are also ethnic Jews. There are Jews scattered worldwide that have become part of the ethnic population in many countries like China, Morocco, and Ethiopia.

    In Eritrea, Tigrinya make up the majority of the population. Most of the population is Muslim and the country has many ties with Ethiopia, once being a part of it. However, there has been a lot of conflict between the two nations.

    Somalia is mostly desert land unlike Ethiopia which is mostly grassland and mountains. The ethnic Somalis make up more than 95% of the population and 99% of Somalis are Sunni Muslim. Their traditional way of life is the nomadic life and camels have great value in the culture as they can go many months without water and can carry a lot of weight for the traveling nomad. Somalia's name "Somali" is derived from a phrase that means "go milk it [the camel]". The people are very tribal and there is a lot of current conflict between the tribes. There has been a lot of conflict between Somalia and Ethiopia, and Ethiopia has had a hand in helping start conflict in Somalia by giving one clan weapons so that disruptions can arise. Somalia and Eritrea have a neutral relationship but they sometimes together help each other against Ethiopia.

    All of these countries' people have a unique look to them which is very similar to each other. The people tend to have curly or wavy hair, narrow features which has sparked assumptions that we are mixed with Arabs or whites. The falsity of this idea is apparent when one looks closely at the entire history of these people. The few that are mixed make up their own tribes. The Rashaida tribe in Eritrea are ethnic Eritreans mixed with Arabs. The Benadiir tribe in Somalia are ethnic Somalis mixed with Portuguese and/or Arabs. There are similar tribes in Ethiopia.

    Ethiopia is one of the oldest Christian nations in the world, after Armenia. It is also one of the first to embrace Islam, before the religion spread in its country of origin. When Prophet Mohamed's followers were escaping prosecution in Arabia, they were given asylum in Ethiopia which is the cause of the spread of Islam there. Islam then spread out to Eritrea and Somalia.

    The Ethiopians speak a Semitic language (Amharic, Tigrinya) while the Somalis speak a Cushitic language (Somali). Djibouti is a neighbouring country that used to be a part of Somalia but split off after colonization ended in 1960. They speak a different dialect but it is Somali and they are ethnic Somalis. Ethnic Afar and some Arabs live there too.

    Wow, I put in more than I thought I would. lol

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    The first human being was found in Ethiopia. The 3 countries were the former Abyssinian Cushite empire that controlled most of Africa many many years ago and the middle east, India before they got pushed back to Africa present modern lands due to the Persians and asians from mongolia taking over the middle east they are also related to the ancient egyptians and Nubians. They were a super power as big as Rome in their hey day and embraced Christianity especially Egypt Sudan and Ethiopia. Their power declined in that region due to Muslim Saladins invasion of North Africa and Somalia being near the coast embraced Islam but nevertheless was still warrior like and could not be controlled by the Ottomans instead was their alley. Eritrea was taken over by the ottomon turks in the 1800's to weaken Ethiopia. Ethiopia became a fortress and managed to defend its mother land from slave raiders up until this present day. The rest of Africa was a victim of the cruel slave trade practised by the Arabs and the Europeans who are also destroyers of African history and all its past

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    above you have 2 contrasting answers , one is beautiful and correct , and the other is ugly and of course factually wrong and you are advised to just ignore it. Lola c go play another , no one is buying that .

    Thank you lalu 212 for the excellent reply. :)

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    Lalu212 is correct.

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