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i never understood the concept of assisted suicide?

Does it refer to actually killing the person who requests it or puting the "tools" needed at the person's disposal?

Because if it's the first case(without referring to people who can't move) i fail to see the need for it, if people want to kill themselves they can do so without needing assistance, all you need is a knife or any other sharp object or a few pills or a high building and so on. It's not that hard to kill yourself

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    Assisted suicide is the process by which an individual, who may otherwise be incapable, is provided with the means (drugs or equipment) to commit suicide. In some cases, the terms aid in dying or death with dignity are preferred. These terms are often used to draw a distinction from suicide; in some legal jurisdictions, "suicide" (whether assisted or not) remains illegal, while "aid in dying" is permitted.

    The term euthanasia refers to an act that ends a life in a painless manner, performed by someone other than the patient. This may include witholding common treatments resulting in death, removal of the patient from life support, or the use of lethal substances or forces to end the life of the patient.

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    Assisted suicide is for people who are terminally ill and know they are going to die, often slowly and painfully (at least, those are the requirements in my state). There are many reasons why one might choose to kill themselves than put themselves and their family through a long and drawn out death.

    The difference between your gruesome alternatives and obtaining a lethal dose of medication from a doctor, is that the doctors and family will be aware of the suicide, and they will have the means to prepare for the death. Stabbing oneself, jumping off the building... these are traumatic for whoever gets to find the body - and require police intervention, investigations, and invasion into the family life that would not be necessary with legal AS.

    Source(s): And yes, it is "that hard" to kill yourself. I failed five times.
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    It is a way to painlessly end a persons life. Many of the other methods are painful, messy, and not always 100% effective.

    Lethal injection is one of the most humane ways to end a life. And of course there is the issue that some people who want to end their life cannot move (quadriplegic for example).

    In the past it was that the person wanting the suicide had to "push" the button. But it was considered wrong to assist even in this manner and there were questions about assisting someone who was incapable of doing even that.

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    Assissted suicide involves the employees of the assissted sucide organisation -in the legal countries- providing people who wish to die with a lethal poison that they will drink, before drinking the liquid the people are always told "When you drink this, you will die" to clarify that the person knows what will happen so that it is not classed as murder. This poison causes a painless death. (Unconsciousness then organ failure)

    Also there is a system people need to go through that decides whether they are qualified to go in for assissted suicide. People who get in usually have terminal illness or some kind of permanent disability. They frown upon those who wish to die due to depression but they do allow it in some cases.

    Source(s): Documentary
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    Actually, it is. People mess up suicide all the time. Typically that leaves you lying somewhere in agony, possibly crippled, and far too badly hurt to do anything about it, either seek help or finish yourself off.

    It's a rather frightening position to be in, so I can see why a suicidal person would want backup to make sure it doesn't happen.

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    I beleive it's usually for people who are incapable of moving or incapable of bringing themselves to stab themselves (not a guarantee) or overdose (not a guarantee unless medically assisted) or jump from a high bldg (not a guarantee if they pick the wrong bldg).

    If someone is dying, are incurable, and in alot of pain. Death would be mercy for them. To insure that the death would occur and occur in the most peaceful of ways...I would want a doc to do it.

    If someone is a vegetable like Terry Shivo (sp?) quite a few years ago, it definetly should be considered. I personally wouldn't think that laying in a bed, having people feed me, unable to communicate or do just not a way to live. I wouldn't want to be that burden on my family either. Kill me, please.

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    It is easier than slitting your wrist... it is usually done with chemical injections that you wouldn't know how to prepare for yourself. So they hook you up to the machine, and you press the button that will inject a lethal amount of drugs into your body and then you die.

    But you wanted it. It is suicide usually done because there is too much pain or they are too weak to perform it themselves, or they just can't bear the thought of more pain by the normal methods of suicide.

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    A physician assisted suicide usually involves the use of a drug by the physician. Regarding the second part of your statement, many people have tried to commit suicide and failed. Best Wishes!

    Source(s): Experience.
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    Having someone there to assist you seems to validate your choice to take your own life. Taking your own life is wrong as we all have a purpose here. I think Dr. Death (Kevorkian), set up the drugs and gave the person the "switch" to begin the process. Therefore leaving the choice to the person committing the suicide.

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    "It's not that hard to kill yourself"

    Some people are simply not able to bring themselves to do it to themselves, yet they want to die. Having someone assist you would spare you the psychological turmoil. Ever seen those maniacs taking hostages and begging the cops to shoot them? It's as much a psychological thing as it is physical.

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