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Where can I get Twiztid's green book In Jax FL?

I can't fined it and i wan't it so bad. Im going nut some body stole all my cds. My ******* Gold SIGNED Great Milenko, My XXX ver. of Tunnel of Love, and all my other rare ****. They even stole my original Dog Beats tape my dad gave me from he Juggalo days(he still is). So yeah let me know thanks Peace MCL Whoop Whoop

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    Well there's only 2 places in Florida that sell lots of their stuff...I've never been there so I don't know how far these places are from you...

    714 E. International Speedway

    Daytona Beach, FL





    2113 Del Prado Blvd.

    Cape Coral, FL



    Of course there's gonna be the usual places sellin' there stuff such as Hot Topic in the mall, maybe K-Mart (cuz they sell parental advisory) or other records stores....But I know even Hatchet Gear hasn't been sellin' it for a long time, so they might not be making the CD it right now, I've heard it's "out of print" but I don't know..You might end up having to get it on eBay or Amazon....And I'm really sorry to hear about all you stuff Ninja, Especially all that rare and signed stuff...I'd be devastated...Good luck findin' it Homie...And MCL to ya, and your think it's awesome that you and your Dad can share the feeling of Juggalo Pride.


    Source(s): Try not to be bummed about all your stuff....It's just the luck of a Juggalo I suppose.. :)
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