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Why did it take Obama three days to denounce the murder of William Long but three hours to condemn Tiller's?

And where are Eric Holder, Janet Napolitano, and such on this?

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    You will be fascinated — among other reactions — by the latest statement issued by the Obama DOJ, issued yesterday after the president’s Cairo speech. No, it’s not a statement condemning the jihadist in Arkansas who targeted our troops or the Bronx jihadi plotters who targeted Jews, infidels, and our troops. o_O

    It’s a statement “to protect American Muslims.”

    The FBI confirmed the investigation into the shooting turned up evidence to suggest Abdulhakim Muhammad, 23, of Little Rock, had plans for a “Jewish entity” in Atlanta. The Associated Press reported memos from the investigation showed Little Rock, as well as New York, Philadelphia, Louisville, Ky., and Memphis, were also on his list.

    The man accused of fatally shooting a soldier outside a recruiting center begged for FBI agents to free him from a Yemeni jail where he was ‘radicalized’ by Islamic terrorists, his lawyer told The Associated Press on Thursday.

    An investigation by Blue Collar Republican into the Mephis mosque and imam under which the Arkansas jihadi shooter Abdulhakim Muhammad studied/worshiped.

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    0bama only denounced the murder of William Long, after public and private pressure were applied to him, he denounced Tillers killer immediately as Tiller contributed heavily to the Obama campaign, as well as had ben a long time contributor to Sabilious now Sec of Health nd was at the time under investigation by the KBI(Kans Bureau of Investigation) for campaign contributions in Sabailious's last campaign for governor.

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    We noticed that you didn't personally issue a statement on 9/11. Are you a terrorist sympathizer?

    All the killings are due to mental problems by the killers, but the one had more political motives

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    Do you think its because Long was sent by Obama or they were personal friends, or Obama slipped up because he's busy or Obama's people did not publish the statement or Obama was incompetent or Obama is Long in disguise or Obama.................O hell Obama should resign then or be impeached!!

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    I thought the media wasn't liberal biased... hmmm.. how wrong was I.

    Putting the words "liberal" and "think" is now in grammar books as being two negatives. We all know that you can't have two negatives in a sentence.

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