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急)) 請幫我把中文翻成英文 (20點)










謝謝 =)

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    One day, a wealthy woman Mary hired a renown Tom to paint a portrait for her. Tom spent a considerate amount of time doing the portrait intensely and with much care. However, when Tom finished the painting and showed it to Mary, she frowned and did not like it.

    She criticized Tom’s work for not looking like her: the eyes were too small, and the nose too big. She demanded Tom redo the portrait. Tom, unwillingly, redid the portrait. When Tom showed the fixed portrait to Mary again, Mary was finally content and paid the reward, left with satisfaction.

    In a casual gathering with friends, Mary shared her gorgeous portrait with her friends. All of her friends liked the portrait.. They demanded to know the name of the artist so that they could all go to him and do a beautiful portrait for each of themselves.


    One day when Andy was cleaning the garden, he accidentally found an ancient vase from the underground. After a careful study of the vase, Tom found the vase not valuable and carelessly threw it away. The vase happened to be dropped in Tom’s neighbor, Peter’s yard. Peter found it the other day when he was roaming in his yard. He was shocked and surprised when he recognized the vase as one of the ancient Chinese antique. He carefully brought the vase to antique store and earned a fortune from trading it with the store. “What a gift from God!” Peter thought.

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