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Why so many free blood glucose meter give-aways?

I understand why the manufacturers give away the meters, because they make their money off the test strips. But why is everybody else promoting the meters and giving them away, from doctors to nurses, to diabetes educators? Do the health care providers get paid by manufacturers to promote the meters?

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    In a round about way, they get paid. They provide the meters to the patients, and the patients then buy the strips, just like you said. Pharmaceutical companies used to send docs on expensive tropical vacations for promoting and prescribing their products to the patients. That's no longer legal, but the docs might get a nice big Xmas present from the drug reps, or a steak dinner for the office staff...

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    you need to look at the price of the test strips........ then pick out the machine..... they give them away cause they charge so much for the strips....shop for the strips

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    Yes they do. They receive trips cars money, etc.

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