I want a Acura Integra!!!!??? lol?

Do Acura Integras GSR come in automatic?????

what about type r??

whats the fastest street automatic car??

is there really a big differ betweeen manual and auto???

i love integras!!!! idk why???



andd yess there are gsr that are automaticcc

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    The GSR never came in automatic, good luck finding one if you actually believe what some people said. And I do mean GSR the one that came with VTEC and not the stupid GS that came with NO VTEC. There is a big difference between a GS and a GSR. Also the type-r was never in automatic. Anyways I dont see why you want an automatic car, manual cars are easy to learn, I tough my gf how to drive manual in just two nights at the local school parking lot. Also the person that posted about the whole thing auto is better dude have you ever ridden in a 600WHP twin turbo 6 speed supra, it will blow the balls out of the automatic one. Manual is always better when it comes to racing, the only reason there are top end cars that are auto its because stupid stars like Britney Spears dont get publicity about how they broke their Ferrari's transmission while trying to drive away from the paparazzi because they dont know how to drive manual. Now paddle shifting is totally different from automatic so dont get both mixed up. Paddle shifting even rally racers use but they still have the option to use their manuals cars stick unlike automatic cars.

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    Well there always the LS integra. A little slower but still an integra. Or be like me and get a RSX. The acura RSX replaced the integra. and it is much faster. Also rsx come what i call semi-Auto or sport shift or Auto-Manual, which allow you to drive it as a auto or a manual. Well think about it. Tl and TSX aren't bad either.

    To answer the question about fastest street auto car that a tricky question. a Scion tC is pretty fast for a car under 15,000. Tl type-s is a faster car but it cost in the high 20,000 to the low 30,000. well it car is fast really. it all depend on you, as the driver

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    I can only help ya with 1 of those questions lol.. I have a 02 rsx type-s.. first acura and im never getting rid of it! As far as auto and manual, its definatly a change, but once you learn manual youll never want to go automatic. It comes natural after a month or two, like walking =). Good choice on getting an Acura, Integras are pretty awesome! Best of luck!

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    I often believe that a good percentage of people whom have drive automatics have only driven Aunt Bessie's Auto 1000cc MPV.

    The term Automatic covers a mass of auto type boxes in a mass of cars,and power etc all depends to how the box and setup is,Myself drive manual and automatic cars atm i am on my second Nissan Skyline auto which is rapid and has a mix of control buttons over the auto box to alter the way it changes and feels,just one of a few i have driven and owned like my friends mk4 auto supra also a auto impreza 300zx 3000gt limo again to name a few.

    Other auto type set ups are the new Evo x 2009 GT-R Mustang Challenger

    Ferrari Porches 911 turbo and the Buggati Veryron a few which each feature a auto type setup as said auto covers a mass of setups.

    So it matter as said it depends on the car and how it is setup and in many cases the autobox ill still with stand a mass of power if not featured stock,beyond upgrades to the boxes can be made.

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    no it does not

    from integra family i would say an acura integra ls or acura rsx in japan rsx are integras

    fastest would be tl or tsx just from acura

    manual is that u control your shift especially wen racing

    auto is that it shifts for you

    many racers choose manual because you control the shift so it dont shift too early and that you can hit Vtec (momentary boost wen you hit a certain rpm)

    if you want to shift and race then manual or otherwise auto because you dont have to do much work


    they are my fav too

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    actually for those that dont really know, the GSR did technicaly come in automatic... but it wasnt in the US. the Type-R manual only. the only differnce between auto and manual is the slight change in responsiveness. the horse power is still the same for the same models. heres the specs for you: http://www.team-integra.net/sections/articles/show...

    hope that helps. you can email me with any questions you have

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    1 decade ago

    My friends 90 acura gs is an automatic. and yes there is a big differance between auto and manual. automatic transmissions tend to be less reliable because of all the wiring and moving parts but will last longer if you take good care of it, you cant go wrong with manual transmission reliability unless you dont know how to use a cluch.

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    lol you're funny.

    Gsr comes also in automatic but it'll be very hard to find one. or you might just have to install it in.

    type r is only for manuals

    the difference between an auto and manual is;

    manuals are faster and auto is slower.

    integras are very nice, i think if you were to get one, you should learn how to drive a manual first.

    personally i think cars like integra or sports car should be manuals instead. better, much faster, and its weird to have an integra gs-r with an auto.. lol

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    Yes GSR's come in auto but the Type R's are only in standard. I have 2 of them at home. one is completely gutted and ready for a rebuild, and the other is almost finished. I'm telling you right now, they are still one of the most popular tuner cars and it is very rare to get one in decent shape. People who own them usually don't get rid of them. If you are really that big into tuners, I would suggest learning to drive a standard and loving it, because you are always going to have more control, speed, power, and torque with a standard than over an automatic. good luck on your search.

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    GS-R's and Type R's (ITR's) dont come in automatic.

    Maybe A Acura TL.

    yes big difference between automatic and manual more control over the car.

    its contagious i love my honda too.


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