What clothes are in style in Australia?

I might be moving there soon and I was wondering what is the style out there? Skinny jeans? Converse? I wear those alot...I am a freshman in highschool so...And websites you be nice. Thanks!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    okay, I live in australia. and i'm 14 and in grade 9.

    to be honest, alot of the style here is GROSS!! people have no sense of fashion! everyone seems to be wearing these crazy hippy/urban clothes with lots of jelwerry. not bright colours just things like beige, brown and white and black. people do wear skinnies and converse.

    but to be honest, there is no current style. things go in and out of fashion all the time here. Personally, i prefer my own style, which is french, vintage and elegant and pretty. however, all teenagers seem to be wearing very urban hippy like clothes that they consider to be 'cool'.

    there are shops like, SUPRE, valley girl and target and so many more clothes shops here everywhere that have all the latest 'styles' that everyones wearing. especially supre, most teenage girls get there clothes from supre, its like the total fashion. so how about, wait under you move here, and then go shopping and see what YOU like. you shouldn't have to wear something becuase everyone else is wearing it. Many people here think there really 'cool' and populour because they wear the so called 'latest fashions' but to be honest, real, honest people like myself, look at them and think "WTF that outfit is disgusting and hideous!'

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    1 decade ago

    converse and skinny jeans are VERY popular here in Australia.

    if thats what you wear alot, then you're gonna be fine!

    Source(s): I live in Australia and sadly have done all my life.
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    wear Uggs... you can't go wrong

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