Motorcycle License Plate Transfer in IL?

if a owner of a motorcycle just registered the bike but is now selling it and still has the temporary plates on....can he sell me the bike and transfer the plates to me?? how does that work in IL

-also, if he registers the motorcycle, does the DMV or currency exchange take the TITLE until the permanent license plates come in???

-because the guy told me he just registered the motorcycle again but has to wait for the title and we can sign a contract stating he will let me know when teh title and plates come in and he can sell me the bike with the plates and transfer them to me

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  • Mark B
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    1 decade ago
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    In IL the plate stays with the owner, not the vehicle.

    It takes about 2 - 4 weeks (generally) for the state to issue a title certificate. If he has a loan on the bike, it will go to the bank. If he owns it outright, it will go to him.

    I suggest contacting the IL Secretary of State office (DMV) and asking them about how to proceed since he does not have title in hand.

  • 1 decade ago

    he can not transfer the plates to you unless you are father/mother->child or married.

    and there is no reason the dmv should have the title. either the bank has it, or he has it. the dmv wont send one to him/her. he has to go down there and get one.

    sounds/smells fishy to me

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