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Fitting 2 15" Fi SSD's In my 89' Thunderbird?

Does or has anyone fit 2 15" subs in the trunk of a thunderbird? becouse i dont have much height room but ive got pretty much enough width and depth to work with becouse im probley going to have the subs facing up.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    you can try and stuff those 15s in there... you will probly wanna go with a sealed box. if u try to do a ported box and the volume isnt big enough, the efficiency will be terrible. if ur gunna go sealed... keep in mind that it doesnt matter what ridiculous shape it is... your trying to achieve the most volume. however, i recommend going with some smaller drivers, 10's or 12's... in a box that is big enough for them. you can get 10's in a big ported box to sound better and hit harder than 15's in a small sealed box.

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