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Why are PETA members so crazy? Would you want PETA shut down if you could?

They bash you for owning furs, something that a small percentage of the world can afford, but they don't stand outside a McDonald's and protest against a hamburger, something 90% of America eats. It's stupid. I have this PETA family living next door to me and they bash me for owning ivory and fur. Much of my furs/ivory are heirlooms. Some are over a hundred years old. It wasn't illegal when I got them. They say I should get rid of them but getting rid of them won't make the animal come back. And some of my family's heirlooms are actually in the Smithsonian on display that I donated so they're very historical pieces. Every day, my neighbors put a flyer in my mail about how fur is murder. They care about animals but they don't mind wasting trees. Also, they all want to be vegetarians. No culture in history has ever been solely vegetarian. And if there was, obviously they didn't last very long because they got taken over by meat-eaters. Not to mention that PETA is involved with terrorism. Would you want PETA to be shut down? I would. I love animals and I don't condone killing for fur but PETA does everything the wrong way and they insult many people's cultures, such as my own.


PETA Rep, all your members are nuttier than a fruitcake and you're very insulting to millions of people's cultures, including mine. You have no idea of life beyong a first world country. You want people to be vegetarians. You can't do that in half the countries of the world. People don't have the resources. You want people to not wear fur. Some people don't have the resources to go buy a cotton jacket that isn't nearly as warm and effective as fur.

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    Agree!!! PETA is very hypocritical as well. They actually kill animals themselves. And they have the nerve to attack someone for wearing fur! Maybe you should show your crazy neighbors this little website...

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    Peta Crazy

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    it quite is not basically PETA individuals. seem around. This additionally applies to faith, politics and different matters which contain the thoughts. There are basically some kinds of persons who replace into so obsessed on a controversy that they bypass overboard. i used to be a member of PETA, was once a vegetarian, and nonetheless sense for non-human sentient beings. yet after receiving maximum of newsletters with depictions of tortured animals, I had to stop...PETA curiously did not care approximately torturing ME on a similar time as additionally soliciting for my money for the priviledge.

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    PETA has a campaign against Mac donalds .. "Mc cruelty"

    I'm vegan and an animal lover

    I hate when people wear fur they think they look good But it looks really ugly :/ it's what I think.. But if you really love animals then respect them and don't wear fur. I won't tell you stop eating meat, that's up to you.

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    I'm a vegetarian and I hate PETA as well.

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    I agree

  • they can get pretty annoying and irritating, but we do need them at times and we know it. You might not kill or abuse animals but there are out there people who do.

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    We certainly do not think our members are crazy.

    I would also like to correct a couple of misconceptions in your question. PETA and its members have been heavily involved in various campaigns and protests against McDonalds. You can see for yourself:

    As for fur we hope that you can take the time to look over some of the information provided here:

    It is our belief that based on such information, the only moral thing to do is to work against the fur industry.

    Thanks for listening :)

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