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What are the ten largest police departments in the US?

I've heard that the New York City PD is the largest, and that the Los Angeles PD is the third-largest, but what are some of the other big ones? This may include county and state-level agencies. Thanks for answering.


Rad73- From what I've been able to gather, Detroit only wishes it had 4000+ cops. Maybe my sources need updating....

Update 2:

Thanks to everybody who's answered so far.

Update 3:

Trooper- Does that number for the NYPD include the Port Authority and Transit Authority cops, or is it just the regular police?

Update 4:

Leslie S- Thanks for picking up the spares. Indeed, who (in LA, especially) would have even guessed that a larger police presence could be a good thing? (mild sarcasm)

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    1. New York City. 40,000+

    2. Chicago (IL). 13,000+

    3. Los Angels (CA). 9,000+

    4. Philadelphia (PA). 7,000+

    5. Houston (TX). 5,000+

    6. Detroit (MI). 4,000+

    7. Washington (DC) 3,000+

    8. Nassau Co (NY) 3,000+

    9. Baltimore (MD) 3,000+

    10. Miami-Dade Co. (FL) 3,000+

    that was in 200, but I'm pretty sure it has not changed to much...Maybe the lower ones..But NYC is the biggest.

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    Largest Police Departments

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    Source(s): Criminal Record Search Database :
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    RAd73 is on the money, including Detroit. (I'm talking 2007, who knows now with the downturn. I do know that the actual number of checks cut for officers in Chicago is now down to just over 11,000, they still claim 13,000 because that is what is in the budget)

    NYPD numbers do not include Port Authority but do include Transit and School cops (they are no longer officially separate). Chicago is the same way, included.

    Houston does not include school, transit cops or medical center cops. Houston is also heavily patrolled by contract constables and deputy sheriffs, they are not included in the numbers.

    LA is now #3 but as recently as 1990 they had just over 6000, they started adding a huge numbers starting after the '84 Olympics. They had a lot of outside help then and noticed that with more cops crime went way down, who would have thought?

    Source(s): retired cop, M.Sci-Law Enforcement Administration
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    NYPD's total manpower numbers do NOT include the Port Authority Police (P.A.P.D.), the P.A.P.D. is a separate, PRIVATE agency that has jurisdiction in NY & NJ. The New York City Transit Authority Police Dept. no longer exists and has been defunct since the 1995 merger of the NYPD, the Transit PD, and the Housing Authority PD. Contrary to what one person claimed in her reply, "School Safety Officers" are also NOT factored into the manpower numbers as they are not police officers and are classified as civilian employees of the NYPD, just as "Traffic Agents" are.

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    NYPD consists of about 39,000 officers and is the largest in the world.

    Next in the US is Chicago with over 13,000 officers, LAPD is third at around 9,500.

    Source(s): 17 years law enforcement
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