What are some popular, non disney fairy tales?

I need a list, and no disney!! very important!

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    Little Red Riding Hood


    Hansel and Gretel


    Tom Thumb (they got Thumbalina, but I'm not sure that was even a real fairy tale originally...)


    Six Swans (well, stretching "popular" a little there, but it's not unknown)


    Frog Prince


    Red shoes


    The Snow Queen


    Golden Goose


    (that one with the dancing princesses. Can't recall name. They danced their shoes into tatters in a fairly land each night and were exhausted all day. A prince saved them, of course, that's what they seem to be for. Probably due to low birth control and surfeit of princes)

    Which are the ones I remember best from Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Anderson when I was a child. I added the wiki links so you had access to all the full plots, but you can find more I've probably forgotten if you go to the pages for the Brothers Grimm or Hans Christian Anderson. The Six Swans is best, but that might just be because I liked the pictures in the book....

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    Disney Fairy Wiki

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    Little Red Riding Hood, one of my favs.

    There's are a LOT of Grimm Bros. stories that Disney hasn't done, as well as Hans Christian Anderson. Aesop's Fables, as well, although those may not technically be fairy tales.

    Check out the list on the Wikipedia page, too.

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    For the record, DISNEY OWNS NOTHING!

    Fairytales are public domain for all to enjoy. XD

    But here are some that Disney hasn't touched yet:

    The Forest Bride (Finland)

    Little Red Riding Hood (Germany)

    Rumpelstilskin (Germany)

    Hansel and Gretel (Germany)

    The Pied Piper (England)

    Tristan and Iseult (British Isles)

    The Tales of Fin MacCoul (Ireland)

    East of the Sun and West of the Moon (Norway)

    The Seal's Skin (Iceland)

    The Firebird, the Horse of Power and the Princess Vasilissa (Russia)

    The Baba Yaga (Russia)

    The Stonecutter (Japan)

    Urashima (Japan)

    The Princess and the Cow-herder (China)

    Anansi the Spider (Africa)

    Look into Aesop's Fables, The Brothers Grimm, and A Thousand and One Nights for more.

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    The ones That I could think of that I thought were most main were:

    Handsel and gretal


    bluebeard ~ edit: this one is a bit weird, but not as creepy as the red shoes.

    the frog prince

    alibaba and the 40 theives (I'm pretty sure thats not disney)

    princess and the pea

    puss in boots

    the emporers new clothes

    3 little pigs

    goldilocks and the 3 bears

    The red shoes (I think its a fairytail, It really really creeped me out as a kid)

    the snow queen

    some others are:

    the golden goose, the gingerbread man,snow white and rose red,the ugly duckling could have been done by disney, i'm not sure,

    thumbelina also could have been done by disney i don't know

    The pied piper

    Tom Thum

    The tinderbox

    Puss in boots

    The three little pigs

    The six swans

    **** wittington

    twelve dancing princesses

    sinbad the sailor

    Source(s): I knew some, and I have some old fairytale books on my shelf.
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    The Brothers Grimm are a very good source. Also consider the works of Hans Christian Anderson, Alexander Afanasyev, Aesops Fables, Joseph Jacobs, and Washington Irving.

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    Santa Claus!

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    tremendously much any fairy memories yet particularly those written by utilising the brothers Grimm. verify your library for a replica of the unique fairy memories that have been in no way meant for little ones and you will see what I advise.

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    A midsummer night's dream

    Human rights

    All men were created equal

    Or, if you want Hans Christian Andersen, my personal favorite is Big Claus and Little Claus. You can read it at:-


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    Try the brothers grimm stuff, I'm sure disney hasn't done all their fairy tales.


    all listed here.

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