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question about stocks?

for business class, we have to choose six stocks and we have $100000 to spend. would i choose a company with a small about of shares or a big amount

like a company called Sun Microsystems, Inc has 9.15

and Apple has 140.95

which is better and can you recommend which companies you think i should choose to make the most money?

i've chosen these (which ones are good and which ones should i get rid of and replace with what?)

i chose:

Apple Inc

Baidu, Inc.



Petro China Company Limited


* don't laugh at my choices, i don't know much about stocks

another one someone told me to do is called Research in Motion, is that a good one?


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    No one is laughing, those are actually very good stock picks. And yes, RIMM (research in motion is good - they make blackberry phones). But you seem to already have enough tech stocks, and since you can only choose 6 stocks, you should switch some of the stocks out. Walmart is good, but its a blue chip stock - but keep it anyways...pretend like this is real money. I would take out intel and apple. and put in 2 of the following:

    XOM exxon mobil

    GE general electric

    BAC bank of america

    GE and BAC are alot riskier, but i think you can use some risk, especially since its a virtual stock exchange.

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