(Relgious people) Do you take the Bible literally or the moral meanings?

I've just begun reading the bible, and it has alot of wonderful moral messages, however some suggestible exaggerations (esp. In Genesis) i.e. woman made out of a rib.

Do you believe the bible word for word or perhaps for the meanings behind?

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    Both. The hard part is working out which is which :-)

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    1) (Relgious people) Do you take the Bible literally or the moral meanings?

    Literally whenever it is not obvious (from the context) that a literal interpretation is incorrect. For example, when the bible says, "the 7 cows are the 7 lean years" then you know we're talking about 7 *symbolic* cows.

    This is a tricky issue. I find it most reasonable to accept the most literal interpretation. Others find it reasonable to accept very specific portions (such as the creation account, the Noadic flood and Jonah) to be allegorical. Some choose willy-nilly, and that allows a person to ignore whatever he doesn't like.

    Jim, http://www.bible-reviews.com

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    Genesis is a factual account.

    it is not a question of taking the Bible 'literally'. It is a question of taking it in context. Taking the meaning that the author intended.

    The Genesis account is fully consistent with the evidence we see. Obviously the whole of creation is pretty mind-boggling, but it shows how awesome God is - that he made everything from nothing just by speaking it into existence..

    There are some good articles here about Genesis.

    Check them out


    Many people claim that modern science has 'disproved' the Genesis account. This is not the case. Science is in accord with the historical account of Genesis, as one would expect from God who created science and has given us the Genesis account to tell us what he did.

    It is worth noting that Jesus himslef believed that Genesis was history, quoting from it as a factual account. So did all the New Testament writers. So has the church for most of its life. The idea that it is myth or allegory, has only become popular fairly recently.

    Some good articles here about these 'compromise' positions:


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    A lot of the scriptures are meant to be narrative stories with a moral lesson and not to be taken literally. Remember that before it was written down, there was an oral tradition of telling these old testament stories to others and storytelling is an art.

    Portions of the scripture are to be taken as moral stories, while other portions are to be taken literally. I would suggest you talk to your religious leader for guidance in interpreting scripture according to your faith.

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    I don't believe that everything in the Bible was meant to be taken literally. For example, the beast in the book of Revelation is symbolic. Some accounts we do take literally such as paradise, hell, Jesus' death on the cross, Jesus' resurrection, Jesus' return to earth, and etc.

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    Not one bit of it, I was raised a catholic and lived and breathed that religion until I was 16yrs old and then decided to question and never received satisfactory answers, and to this day ( I'm 46yrs old ) nothing has changed,I've been a Buddhist for these last 5yrs and have received greater wisdom and plusable teaching there.

    Best wishes :)***

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    If you believe that it is full of "suggestible exaggerations" then you need to ask yourself if the God you know is truly almighty or not. The one I worship is Almighty and His word is true, but not always literal.

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    My husband doesn't beleive it literally. He does beleive it has some good moral stories to be used as a guideline for his life.

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    some parts aren't meant to be taken literally. Some words are just figure of speech.

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    i think it holds good moral values but is not to be taken literally.....

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