Yet again, California or North Carolina?

California or Carolina?

Alrighty then, I have the option to move to North Carolina or California. I have my immediate family on the East coast, but my best friend is out West. I can...

1. Move to CA and live with/split rent in a house and a back yard for my dog (but i have a husky so he would hate the heat)

-Go to San Francisco State and study Marine Biology where I REALLY want to study it. (Monterrey isn't too far off)

-Also, finally be with my Best Friend who I had to move from many years ago.

-But i will be moving from Alabama (quite a move)

-California is expensive

-Though California has the beauty i miss from the West. The beaches, mtns, cliffs that would drop you into the ocean, THE OCEAN, and palm trees! haha


North Carolina where there is also the beach, a GREAT marine biology univ/program, mountains, occasional palm tree, and living is way cheap!

Family is out here, my dog would suffer mildly less from the heat..

-But those damn hurricanes. lol

There's also another small twist...

My boyfriend said he would move with me and "seal the deal" if I stayed in Alabama for ONE more year while he got his job situation together (They will transfer him after so many months).

I finally got him to agree to North Carolina, and now I'm throwing California at him. He's not one to be picky about where he lives. All he wants to do is travel outside the US anyways, lol, so he doesn't see the point in moving across the country to a more expensive state, and where we don't have family. (At least he doesn't, I do)


Live somewhere reasonable with the main purposes of ME studying Marine Biology, being able to save for traveling abroad, and him having a school near by with his Major of choice (which you cannot guarantee unless you KNOW your damn major ahead of time. Another reason for the CA schools-every thing's available!)

Then there's also, CA school tuition's are A LOT more expensive than a NC outta state tuition-just for ex.

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    Yet again, North Carolina.

    IGNORE!! those who say California. I choose North Carolina over California (no competition neither.)

    It's REALLY beautiful in North Carolina and so much cheaper than California. The hurricanes can't really do much harm in North Carolina. At least you get a warning to evacuate. In California, once an earthquake happens, it happens.

    Plus, I would highly not even recommend California at the moment either. So much crap has been going on here and it's only going to get worse.

    Source(s): California resident who wishes he was a North Carolina resident.
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    North Carolina

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    I stay in NC, and its fairly superb. sundown coastline, NC is a great coastline and if u pass somewhat procedures all the way down to Calabash, pass to Capt. Johns and that they have great crab legs(I had them!) Dont pass to Capt. Nances, their meals is terrible now. My relatives owns a coastline abode at sundown coastline, and its superb there! I additionally propose going to Chapel Hill, NC. Its abode of the Tarheels&Duke, they have an surprising restaraunt stated as 501 Diner, and that they have great meals(Its the place the Tarheels eat!!) in addition they have Starbucks w/ wifi, and bagel place with wifi, the Carolina Baksetball Museum, and a lot of different places! California has undesirable climate, NC has great climate!! Edit: NC isn't racist& its heat around Spring ruin until ur interior the mountains!! And specific, NC is thrilling!

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