JJ Corona sera "Regiomontano"?

Okay so i was reading and apparently JJ Coronas future is decided. He will Be a regiomontano, either a Tigre or a Rayado. Apparently this is what he wants to do and he will go to whatever team pays first.

Will he be a Tigre or a Rayado?

BQ: Which team will be better for him and why?

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    That's good for jj corona.... its time he left tecos and tryed his luck somewhere else.

    BQ: I would want him in monterrey because that's a good club and he has good players around him. If he was to go with tigres he would be fighting descenco in the apertura and I don't think he should be taking a lot of pressure. Plus I can't stand tigres they try to buy everyone examples:

    Kikin fonseca- he was bought when he failed in europe and look at him he's nothing compared to how he played in cruz azul.

    Omar bravo- when he wasn't wanted at deportivo, tigres payed a shetload of money to get him.... plus he dint help tigres a lot.

    Daniel guzman- I think he made a BIG mistake going to tigres.... he is a great coach who deserves a better team, he could of coached a team from the big 4 In mexico.

    Anyways....... I would want corona at monterrey I think he would do great there.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I think the best thing for Corona is to get out of Tecos and go to a wealthy team. All fingers were pointing that JJ would end up in Cruz azul, but apparently not.

    BQ: Hmmm i think Monterrey (rayados) will fit him better. Like Diablito said, Tigres will be fighting el decenso. But then again, when Santos was fighting for Decenso they baught Oswaldo Sanchez and it worked for them.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Disappointing news if you ask me!!! I would have loved it to see him in Cruz Azul, but I guess Tecos has other ideas for him or have somethings pending with Tigres or Monterrey!!

    If anything....I guess Monterrey would be the best bet for him! Rayados have a pretty decent team and with him at the door, that makes them a good team to make it into the playoffs!! Lets see how this plays out and see where he ends up!

  • 1 decade ago

    I think he should go to Monterrey


    I bet he'll go to Tigres though cause they need him so they'll pay fast Plus he has a good relationship with Daniel Guzman since Guzman coached "Estudiantes" De UAG lol When Corona was there.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    well to me he should go to monterrey its a better team because there not in the descenso zone next season or year like tigres and also now he wont be underrated like some people say for being in a bad team well not necesseraly bad team but poeple think its a bad team and now at monterrey he wont be so much underestimateds or underrated!

  • 4 years ago

    dam i concept he exchange into injured or something. properly i did say he wasnt that super some months in the past and that Yosgart wasnt in charge in the previous for Cazul's first 2 sub campeonatos. i assume if Meza leaves him on the bench then he shouldnt pass to the WC suited? properly Oswaldo won't the WC thats for specific. didnt he already say he doesnt % to be called up until he's the starter? So if Corona doesnt pass then im guessing it may be Ochoa, Michel, and Orozco/Conejo? Aguirre would take Conejo perez....

  • to me it is good Corona is going to a new team.. and i think he would achieve greater things with Monterrey..

    tigres just came out of fighting from decenso and i dont think that would ne a good thing for corona...

    so i say Monterrey should get him!!

  • pbfpa
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    1 decade ago

    i think he should go to monterrey because from what i understand the team will play in la copa sudamericana next year or this year and because monterrey are not in descenso and all that stuff

  • He should stay in Tecos

    Tigres don't deserve a good player like him

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i agree with hatecrew

    this is dissappointing news

    i wanted him in cruz azul but i guess he willl do good in monterrey

    who is cruz azul gonna get now??

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