This Question is for Post-op Transsexual Girls.And for people who knows?

I'm Wondering if how was the process of the operation in-terms of the Cost?,did you use insurance?,if so how long it took you to wait for it?..and also do you have any idea if California State Medical helps you for SRS?. if you Lady's know anything about Medical, was it hard to get approved for the surgery...

thanks so much.

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    with surgery, travel and other expenses such as scripts and electrolysis, I paid around $20,000..

    I presently do not have any medical insurance and was able to talk my surgeon down in surgery cost as well as my regular doctor down in basic visits and such by being "cash" pay.

    As to medical insurance, very few will actually cover surgery in that they consider it as optional rather than medically necessary.

    I was at one time covered by a privately sponsored Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield group policy that due to my employer covered surgery and all other expenses if you stayed within the United States.

    the important factor is that many trans-people prefer going to Thailand due to cost, which effectively eliminates any insurance coverage from the US. However there are surgeons and doctors within the United States that attempt to cut your cost by preforming surgeries in a surgery center as apposed to a hospital, effectively cutting hospital cost as much as possible.

    but once again, if you can somehow prove that surgery is a medical necessity, then it's possible to have medical insurance cover surgery..

    sadly however insurance companies are not about taking care of the individual but are about making a profit! which drives hospital cost through the roof and lowers the quality of care.

    which is another reason many people travel outside of the United States for surgery.

    It may be an slanted view point but I feel my Surgeon, is one of the few top quality surgeons here in the United States who honestly cares more about his patents and attempts to provided the most cost effective care.. however you also need to be in excellent health.

    good luck, and consider your cost, not as an expense, but a investment in your medical and mental health, your life.

    Source(s): woman born intersexed with a transsexual history.
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    In terms of cost I paid about $15,000 for surgery plus another $3000 for travel/hospital expenses. I didn't have health insurance so it was out of my own pocket. The only reason I could afford it was because my grandparents had set up a mutual fund for me when I was born and it was almost enough to cover all of it.

    Talking to other transwomen it seems like most can't get their insurance to cover it so I wouldn't count on it to much and I'm not in California so I really have no idea how that might work for you.

    As far as how difficult it was to get approved. Well I live near a city that has a fairly large trans population so I had a wide selection of therapists that had years of experience with transpeople, that know a lot about our issues, and are very helpful. So it only took me about 8-10 sessions over a one year period to get approved.

    This is a lot faster then most from what I've gathered. But I also had very few issues to work through and all but one of the people that are important to me were accepting and helpful. Which means I had a lot easier time transitioning then most so it sped up the process.

    Hope that helps

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    Last time I heard, the cost for male-to-female SRS averages $20,000. In Thailand (which is a very safe place to have the surgery), it runs about $10,000. Very few medical insurance policies in the states cover SRS, but there are some. I know that companies like Boeing, Microsoft, Apple, GM, Google and a bunch of other Fortune 500 companies offer health insurance that does, but I've yet to hear of any public plan that does. most transsexuals usually have to pay for surgery out of their own pocket, and many low wage earners can't afford it.

    Source(s): Crossdresser who has transsexual friends and acquaintances.
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    In the UK, the NHS will cover the cost (depending on various NHS internal funding policies).

    Most private surgeons across the world advertise their prices on the Internet these days. I have no idea which insurance companies cover this.

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    In the US I was told that Cobra health insurance are the one's to talk to.

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