Value of .38 S & W Special CTG?

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Excellent condition S/N 101713. What is mfg. date and approx value.
Update : It is a smith & wesson and has their logo/trademark stamped on the more
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The first question is, who made the gun? The marking that you have listed is for the cartridge that your gun shoots. Your gun is chambered for the 38 special cartridge.

Possible manufacturers include Smith & Wesson, Colt, Ruger and a whole bunch more.

Is your gun a double action or a single action?

There should be some more markings on the gun.

I would take pictures of the gun and then post them on this forum, the people there will tell you all about your gun.
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  • ThankaVET answered 5 years ago
    This is the cartridge of the gun in 38 special

    38 S & W Special CTG is the stamping that indicates the caliber cartridge that the revolver fires. Unfortunatelly some cheap Spanish copies used this to mislead buyers into thinking the revolver was a S & W Product. Does it have the S & W logo on the right side of the receiver (sideplate) or on the grips? A rough approximation of the age of the revolver may be possible when it is established what model it is.
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