arabic help lebanese people?

how do u say missing ,throw and threw in arabic

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  • Sherie
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    1 decade ago
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    to miss someone :

    *male*(i am) missing = (ana) mishte'

    *female*(i am) missing = (ana) mishte'a

    (he is) missing = (howeh) mishte'a

    (she is) missing = (hiyeh) mishte'a

    (we are) missing = (nahna) mishte'in

    (they are) missing = (hineh) mishte'in

    to be missing (lost) :

    *male*(i am) missing = (ana) maf'oud

    *female*(i am) missing = (ana) maf'oudeh

    (he is) missing = (howeh) maf'oud

    (she is) missing = (hiyeh) maf'oudeh

    (we are) missing = (nahna) maf'oudien

    (they are) missing = (hineh) maf'oudien

    to throw (the verb) = kabb

    (i) threw= (ana) kabbet

    (he) threw = (howeh) kabb

    (she) threw = (hiyeh) kabbit

    (we) threw = (nahna) kabbayna

    (they) threw = (hineh) kabbo

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  • 3 years ago

    Egyptian: - Etkalem - E7ky. Lebanese: - E7ky - 2es For illustration, Egyptian: el ragel 7aka 7ekaya le ebnoh we ba3dean baseloh we 2aloh "enta leah mabtetkalemsh" in lebanese ye7key kesa: ye2os 2esa. yetkalem: ye7key

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Arabic standard language

    missing =فقد= fakada

    throw= يرمي= yarmi

    threw=رمى= rama

    Lebanese accent


    throw= keb

    threw= kabbet

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