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Differences between xbox 360 arcade, pro, and elite?

My old xbox has officially broken. I want one of the new xbox's with the jasper chip. I just wanted to know what is the difference between the arcade, pro, and elite xbox. Right now I have a pro, but I am not sure what is the difference between the 3. Hopefully the new jasper chip will solve all of their problems, but first I need to know the difference between the 3 types of xbox's.

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    Arcade- No hard Drive i think comes with memory card

    Pro- Hard drive only a 20 Gig

    Elite- 120 Gig Hard Drive and black

    Thats pretty much it

  • Karen
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    well all 360's are equally prone to getting red rings as the other the arcade just come with the 360 and controller this is the basic package the 360 pro come with like 1 month xbox live gold card and like a 20 gig hard drive and the elite come with the black 360 (no different but the color) and like a 120 gig hard drive a black controller (again no different it just looks better then white) and a 1 month xbox live gold the elite is the most expensive then the pro is second most and the arcade is the least but also the worse so if i was you i'd get the pro because that's all anyone really needs for an xbox and all xbox 360 come with a lifetime warrinty if it involves the red rings

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    arcade bare bones system no external hard drive limited internal memory retail is 199.99

    Pro tier 2 console has 60gb external hard drive installed at time of purchase. retail is 299.99

    Elite top tier console has 120gb external hard drive installed at time of purchase retail 399.99

    Here is a link to the wikipedia page for xbox if you want additional information scroll down about half way and you will see a table with all the configurations. Good Luck

    edit: as much as an arcade is limited(memory) you can install your pro hard drive onto it and have basically the same setup that you currently have. If you never had a system I would recommend a pro or an elite.

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    just different sized hard drives, and the elite comes with a hdmi cable.

    Don't bother with an arcade now if you're going to be using live - the dashboard update takes up pretty much the whole space on the mem unit that you get with the console.

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  • Anonymous
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    Arcade is **** i got it i opened the box and it was so bad i shat on it and gave it back to the shop Dont get elite get the 60gb xbox it is the same as the elite but it dosn't look like a peace of **** like the 1st xbox

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    arcade=waste of money

    get pro or elite

    elite is a good deal cause for another 100$ your getting double the pro memory and getting halo 3 and fable 2

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


    -Console [White}]

    -Wireless Controller

    -5 FREE Xbox Arcade Games

    -256MB memory card


    -Console [White]

    -Wireless contoller

    -60GB HDD

    -Xbox live wired headset

    -Ethernet cable

    -HDMI cables


    -Black or Red console [which even one you buy] Red is for Resident Evil 5

    -Wireless Black\Red contoller

    -Resident Evil 5[Red]

    120Gb HDD

    -Xbox live headset

    -HDTV cables

    -ethernet cables.

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