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idk why, but there's this "Bing" search thing that searches (on internet explorer) even when i click on it to search the "live search" thing. the default search engine is "mywebsearch" which now that i think about it is a virus, so please tell me how to get rid of that too! I DO NOT LIKE "BING"! IT DOESNT EVEN LET YOU SEARCH FOR IMAGES ONLY!!

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    I'm assuming you are using Internet Explorer 7 or 8. If not, go to windows update and get it.

    Now, goto:

    Tools-->Internet Options-->Advanced Tab-->Reset button

    Don't worry, it will save all your bookmarks. Now that that is done (though you may need to do it again), download MalwareBytes. If something changed your search engine without your permission, you likely have spyware or a virus.

    Once you have downloaded and installed these tools, reboot into safe mode (watch the screen, and press F8 when prompted) and run them. Safe mode allows them to clean the virus more efficiently. You can run it without doing safe mode, but it may not be able to do as good of a job.

    Good luck!

    Source(s): (this is a good tool to try also. ) --edit To everyone saying there is not potential malware here, do a Google on "mywebsearch" and see what comes up. It's malicious. Bing is safe, mywebsearch is NOT.
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    Internet Explorer Bing

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    Bing is the new search engine provided by Microsoft, it's not due to a virus.

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    Bing is the new Live Search and its still in Beta, so what should you expect? According to Microsoft, Bing is better than Live Search as gives a new approach to the search engine thing itself. I still like Google and Yahoo! better.

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    This malicious parasite, which was written in VBScript language, is a very annoying trojan, able to become a reason of various difficulties for the user of infected PC. Bingo Trojan acts by changing different registry entries, which are responsible for Windows desktop, Internet Explorer and several other important system components. In the result of this pest's activities, the desktop may become hidden and several important options may become disabled

    Spyware Doctor by PC Tools will remove this threat

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    Try going into start>control Menu>Programs and then look for internet Explorer and click uninstall. Hope this helps Sam

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    because Microsoft want you to use it, i suggest you try google square its a new engine from google and way better than bing speciallly in organizing and presenting results and data

    Google Squared Live

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    its driving me mad I cant even find bing in my control panel uninstall a programme

    its not to be found but there it is on my desktop

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    i switched to google chrome, no more bing

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    bing's actually not that bad. give it a shot. you might like it. also it does let you search for images.

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