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    In addition, Singapore's high-pressure control is also reflected in the conduct of day-to-day supervision of: chewing gum are prohibited from sale in Singapore (except chewing gum for medical use); throw garbage anywhere, did not flush after using the toilet, smoking in public places, littering, the road (in non-designated crossing the road crossings, such as not using bridge or tunnel to cross the road), drink water or eat on the subway would lead to heavy fines or compulsory labor, such as the penalty for sweeping the streets in a public place; local journalists who will be fined for taking pictures , a fine person, "himself" will be published in the newspaper headlines the next day. The country also has probably the world's most stringent anti-drug laws, possession of drugs or possession of dangerous drugs immigration for the purpose of trafficking a major penalty is death by hanging (at the local, possession of more than 15 grams of heroin can be punished by the death penalty by hanging noose). In addition to adult male offenders (over the age of 16 to 50 years of age) may also be used to flogging punishment. However, although most foreigners can not understand these harsh criminal law, the majority of Singaporeans believe that heavy fines can be an effective deterrent against criminal or disruptive behavior.

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