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    The deliberate creation of the brothers leave the accident, the owners seek compensation, but Wang is really too long brothers eyes, even the police investigation to find anti-car crime, the final outcome, of course, was taken to the police station.

    Wang brothers to commit crimes, only to create false car accident earlier fraud, Taipei County, and now it is trick, but the back is extremely lucky, had a look on the police investigation and anti-car. Reporter: "You used this method you lie? You deceive the police, you know what? Done several times?"

    Trick suspects is deliberately motorcycle parked next to a small passenger car, the shoes and dirty, wait until the minibus back when, on the other side to move said pressure to the feet of a motorcycle rear seat passengers, for compensation.


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    嫌犯的伎倆,就是故意把摩托車停在小客車旁,把鞋子弄髒,等到小客車往前行時,就向前說對方壓到摩托車後座乘客的腳,要求賠償。 』翻譯成英文嗎?

    英文「This makes the false traffic accident intentionally to brothers, to vehicle owner seek redress, but Brother Wang Xing too do not keep eyes open really, asks police to detect against vehicle unexpectedly to be arrested, the final result, certainly is fed in the police authorities. Is arrested Brother Wang Xing, formerly only then made the false traffic accident to cheat the Taibei district councilman, now the one's old tricks again execute, is only the luck solid back arrives at the extreme, asked police to detect against vehicle unexpectedly. Reporter: “your commonly used this method deceives people? What you deceive is police, you know? Like this has made several times?” Suspect's trick, is stops intentionally the motorcycle nearby the passenger vehicle, smears the shoe, when passenger vehicle toward vanguard, forward said that opposite party presses to the motorized back seat passenger's foot, the seek redress.」


    Source(s): 自己的頭腦
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