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老師說我是中文式英文, 但我不知道要怎麼改~


First, a good person always has a gentle heart. For example, if them saw the stary dogs, they can't let the dogs dep hungry. They will buy some food for them, specially in the cold winter. They also are kindly to their parents, like do the housework chores, they don't want let their parents too tired after working. They always patient to their friedns. Having a patient is very important, if the person she always angry, angry and angry, her friends maybe can't bear her eventually.

Next, I feel the good person that when they face the difficult things, they don't give up earily. Like me, when I meet some problem, I will try it again, but if it's still not succeed, I will give up and I don't want to do it again. So I feel the good person that can't like me, they are aggressive to everything, always full of the hope and believe they will succeed in the further. Even if the opportunity is very tiny, they still have big confidence to it.



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    A good person has a tender heart that is full of compassion. Such a person is willing to offer a hand to the needed ones. He will feed the starving stray dogs when he sees them on streets. He tries to unload some of his parents’ burden by sharing some of the chores at home. Besides compassion, a good person also posses great patience because he is full of compassion and is thus able to understand others better. He is willing to listen when friends need an audience and even offer his help when it is needed. A person with such qualities is naturally attractive and is easy to gain new friends.

    A good person does not give up easily. He is pernicious to his goals. He tries his best to achieve his goals and is not discouraged by the hardships and even failures at times. He sees the obstacles as his trials and tests that help him to improve. Such a person not only has great faith in oneself but also seeks or even creates oneself opportunities. He is able to grasp his opportunities and succeed once he finds them. A person with such qualities is more successful than others not because they are luckier, but because they are more courageous when facing hardships and failures.

    我有改些東西 但是大意沒變

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    首先,一個良好的人總是有一個溫柔的心。例如,如果他們看到了舊的狗,他們不能讓狗省挨餓。他們將購買食物對他們來說,特別是在寒冷的冬天。他們還懇請他們的父母一樣,做家務勞動,他們不想讓他們的父母後,工作太累。他們總是耐心的friedns 。有一個病人是非常重要的,如果該人,她總是生氣,生氣和憤怒,她的朋友也許無法忍受她的最終。

    下一步,我覺得不錯的人,當他們面對困難的事情,他們不放棄earily 。像我一樣,當我遇到一些問題,我會再次嘗試,但如果它還是不能成功,我會放棄,我不想做一遍。所以,我覺得不錯的人,不能像我一樣,他們是積極的一切,總是充滿了希望,並相信他們會取得成功的進一步。即使是非常微小的機會,他們仍然有很大的信任它。



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    其實您的句子結構還不錯, 問題大多出在不懂得自然道地的英文用法

    先給你一個免費的網路字典, 它有特別整理常用搭配:

    多看看例句, 模仿著寫出自己的內容

    此外, 最好別先用中文打草稿, 再翻譯成英文.

    要直接以你會用的英文句型去造句, 整篇寫過一次之後再修改潤飾.

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