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i dont need help with my style. x]

Im gona go to a thrift shop and buy a bunch of clothes :P

i need help cutting them and sewing them.

first, how should i cut clothes? with what? regular scissors?

second, how do i make shoulder likes this http://celebrityfashionistas.files.wordp...

also anything else u think i should know, please tell. ^_^

thanks. sorry for reposting. no1 answered o.o


since the link didnt work T~T

i wana make the pointy shoulder pad things.

any idea how?

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    the link isnt working...

    but with cutting material:

    the scissors apparently get damaged after

    if you are cutting slits in jeans to make ripped jeans like this:

    (i did it the other day)

    its very easy just make the cuts with normal scissors and then rub them down with your hands or even sandpaper and put them in the wash.

    if you are cutting dresses/skirts i highly reccomend doing a hem beacsue it look incredibly tacky when you dont.

    if you are cutting cotton (like cutting plain t-shirts into singlets etc.) id be carefull because that can look VERY tacky.


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    Your link doesn't work.

    And if nobody answers then this is obviously a stupid/difficult question.

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