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what is the real story on joker's cheek to cheek scar in the movie The Dark Knight?

in the movie joker tells about 3-4 different stories on the scar i want to know the truth.

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    In the comics, when the Joker hasn't even become the Joker yet, he inturrupts a party & stabs Bruce Wayne's latest girlfriend. Batman arives & throws a batterang at his face & it slits his mouth, then it swings around & cuts the other side. He has to get stictches. Years latter, the Joker is shot in the head by Black Mask. He survives, the the shock & the electroshock therapy cause his face nerves to malfunction & they stich his mouth into a permenent smile.


    New Joker:

    alex j, this one's for you:

    Source(s): Batman Confidential/Lovers & Madmen.
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    heres my theroy each story made a scar or part of a scar lol

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    We dont know, it was never explained, its a mystery for the viewers to ponder for themselves..

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    I don't know. I think that's what made his character so twisted and creepy.

    He seemed crazy enough to do it to himself.

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    He sucked a cock so big it tore his mouth his apart

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    Does it matter? No. All that matters is that he's one crazy mo-fo.

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