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Environmental Engineering??? Advice Anyone?

I wanted to go into environmental work ever since I was a kid and now I also really enjoy math and wanted to major in it, so I was wondering... Environmental Engineer?? Good idea, bad...?? Input in what exactly it entails... I look at the world and see that no one seems to care about the environment, so I want to make that difference. Can this help?

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    A huge number of people care deeply about he environment. The problems are political and publicity. The technical side (going beyond what "feels right") isn't what people want to see. They want to point fingers, say money and "caring" are what matter.

    Environmental Engineering can be deeply rewarding. Any field of engineering is more challenging than any other field of study at any university, so a lot of people wash out. If they really feel they care about the environment, they get degrees environmental science, or what is almost damaging to the real issues, environmental studies... it is more social studies, sociolology, politics, and journalism than environmental technology.

    Most environmental engineers work on writing permits, filing reports and forms, and helping companies and factories comply, or for the governmental agencies. Some work on designing processes and methodologies for cleaning things up or preventing waste and emissions. That's what I do. Often it is finessing around issues that are hot in the community because of journalists or community organizers want to fight something that "feels wrong", even though they have no data or anything concrete to point to.

    So, if you want to be an Env E, get a degree in Civil/ Environmental, Environmental, or Chemical Engineering. On average it takes 6 years in school, and most of those who enter the program washout within 2-4 years. It takes a lot of determination and passion. Its rewarding when you can provide a design that reduces emissions or that cleans up water and also saves money and improves operations. But most Env Es I know of are afraid to tackle the job, because its easier to write permits and file reports.

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