what does a marine ( marine corps.) call another marine?

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    1 decade ago
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    Marine, devil dog, man, dude, bro.

    assuming you're talking to someone of the same rank.

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    Well for all you civilians here are a few choices

    Their rank and last name if on duty or almost any other time

    sometimes a nick name when with equals or speaking to a lower rank

    but we called each other just our name, some times we would in a sarcastic way call each other "Devil Dog , Hard Charger ect... but that was mostly to a guy with a bad hangover

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    Okay, they are called Jarheads but that is not what they call eachother.

    they usually say just "Marine" or "Sir"

    Source(s): Father was a captain in US Army, was stationed with marines
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    1 decade ago

    anyone that calls me devil dog and means it is likely to get a punch in the head. or wardog or killer or hard charger or motivator. they can call me a 'motivated corporal of marines' though and ill just laugh.

    Source(s): active duty marine
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    Devil Dog.




    And my favorite: My Fellow Bellau Woodsman.

    Source(s): US Marine veteran
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    1 decade ago

    rank or sir

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    1 decade ago

    They call me sir.

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