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Would you take Carlos Beltran or Jose Reyes for Hunter Pence and Bobby Abreu?

Would you take Carlos Beltran or Jose Reyes for Hunter Pence and Bobby Abreu? H2H 12 team non keeper. Whos injury is less serious?

Jason Varitek

Mark Teixeira

Dustin Pedroia

Ryan Zimmerman

Miguel Tejada

Jason Bay

Jay Bruce

Hunter Pence

Derrek Lee

Justin Upton

Bobby Abreu

Denard Span

Carlos Guillén -DL

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    Well Beltran is recovering from a stomach virus and Reyes slightly more serious leg thing.

    That being said i think both come back and do very well, Reyes with his speed and Beltran with the RBI and power capabilities.

    THAT being said i'm inclined to say to take Reyes. He is a huge upgrade over Tejada, and with Bruce Bay and Upton still in the OF i don't think you have a problem. See if you can throw in Tejada and take out one of the outfielders you're giving up.

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    REYES is the most overrated player in the history of baseball. i dont get why he is a top 10 pick. he has no stats besides SB's that are of any value. you can get stolen bases from jacoby and crawford 3 rounds later. dont ever have reyes on your team. he doesnt even have a respectable batting average for a top 10 pick. if you want to do this trade, then take beltran b/c his injury isnt serious and since you are giving up 2 OF's, then you can get one back. also, beltran is only sick right now and should be back in the lineup by the end of the week,

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