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Roy Oswalt possible Trade?

I think the Phillies need an impact starter and Oswalt may be had for a decent package. What do you think if we traded away a future rotation fixture in JA Happ and hard throwing Kyle Drabek for Roy Oswalt. Drabek is doing better lately and should be in AA soon. He is a Houston fellow. Two future starters(Happ has a higher ceiling) for Oswalt seems like a good deal for both sides especially since Oswalt's contract runs through 2011 so it won't be a complete rental. His second half stats are fantastic, and his last start was dominant at Coors field none the less. Also, his era by the end of the season will probably be in the mid to low 3s. Happ and Drabek are both young as well and under control for at least 2 or 3 years. How does this deal sound from both sides?

1) Cole Hamels

2) Roy Oswalt

3) Brett Myers

would be nasty


We also have Carrasco who may be a better fit in the trade instead of Happ. Carrasco, Drabek, and another low level prospect would probably appeal to the Astros.

Update 2:

Also, the Astros may need to rebuild soon. Tejada will probably be gone by midseason since his value is high at the moment and can bring back the best bounty of prospects. Valverde looks like another one of those guys who could be traded by midseason. He has to perform better first so his value goes up.

Update 3:

Also Houston may have to pay for some of the salary for Oswalt.

Update 4:

Kyle Drabek is the son of Doug Drabek, the former major leaguer.

He says he is open to trades within the NL on winning teams. Brad Lidge being there doesn't hurt either.

Update 5:

Peavy, in my opinion, is overrated. He is making 20+ million, and his ERA outside of Petco is 3.80. Think about what happens if he plays in Philadelphia....

Philadelphia has a better chance at being able to pay Oswalt than Peavy.

Update 6:

Oswalt has said he is willing to waive his no trade clause for a winning team in the NL. I think it's just a matter of whether or not the Phillies want to pay more and go for Peavy.

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    I don't know about all this. For one thing Roy probably has in his contract that he would have the final say in any deal. For another, he is from Mississippi which is about as closet to home as you can get from Houston and I think he likes it there. On the other hand, he may look at it like this: If he goes to Philly this year, it may be his last chance to get to a world series.

    Hey is Drabek related to Doug Drabek?

    Why don't Philly fork over the big bucks and get Jake Peavy?

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    Oswalt and Peavy have full no trade clauses in their contracts.

    Also, Peavy won't make 20+ million in a year until 2013 which is also a club option year(with a 4 million dollar buy out).

    B. Myers has a torn labrum and will likely miss the remainder of the season

    I think it would be easier for the Phillies to acquire Peavy(he will be more open to a trade) than Oswalt. Peavy is 28 years old, while Oswalt is 32. I would rather make a deal for Peavy if I were making a deal. That being said, the Phillies will probably acquire neither and try to deal for Erik Bedard who is have a resurgent season with Seattle this year.

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    i have heard rumors and really he needs a change of scenery cause he's been pitching poorly for a while now. maybe he'll do a 180 like lidge did *fingers crossed for y'all!* got a couple of penners we can have for him?

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