Getting Higher Heat levels on Need for Speed Most Wanted?

For some odd reason i cannot gain a higher level of heat on my car. Its stuck at base 3, and i REALLY wanna see some heli action ;). I don't know if its the car im driving(Baron's car, Porsche), that im only #9 on the black list, or that i need to get to the final unlocked area to do so. any help would be GREAT!

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    I got this just for you:

    Level 1

    Vehicles Involved: Civic Cruiser

    Employeed Tactics: Simple pursuit

    Description: Easily evaded, nothing here to say.

    Level 2

    Vehicles Involved: Civic Undercover Cruiser

    Employeed Tactics: Simple Pursuit, Stationary Roadblocks

    Description: Nothing much different from Level 1, just a slight step up, and they use roadblocks, but these can be easily avoided by using your speedbreaker (press X) and looking for openings.

    Level 3

    Vehicles Involved: State Pursuit Vehicle, SUV Light

    Employeed Tactics: Semi-aggressive Pursuit, Stationary Roadblocks, Loose Rolling Roadblocks.

    Description: Fairly well trained Police officers, still lacking in the ability to stop speeding vehicles. They receive backup from the Light SUV's which they use as battering rams to knock you off of the road, to evade them use your speedbreaker as they come charging at you and outmaneuver them. Often the Light SUV's are used for stationary roadblocks.

    Level 4

    Vehicles Involved: State Undercover Vehicle, Helicopter

    Employeed Tactics: Semi-aggressive Pursuit, Stationary Roadblocks, Formed Rolling Roadblocks, Evasive Maneuvers, Spike Strips, Helicopter Tracking.

    Description: Better educated on the tactics than the State Pursuit Vehicle police, still nothing terriably special though. Often they will tend to employ the same tactics back to back making it simple to anticipate their next move. Be careful of the spike strips.

    Level 5

    Vehicles Involved: Federal Pursuit Vehicles, SUV Heavy, Cross (after Career Mode Completion), Helicopter

    Employeed Tactics: Employ all available police tactics

    Description: Very organized and orchestrated. They will perform multiple manuevers at a time and make smart decisions. Watch out for spikestrips and ramming SUVs.

    Level 6

    Vehicles Involved: Federal Undercover Vehicle, SUV Heavy, Cross, Helicopter

    Employeed Tactics: Employ all available police tactics.

    Description: These officers will stop at nothing to bust you big. Hit as many pursuit breakers as possible to keep them off of your tail and do not let them slow you down, or else you will have trouble getting back up to speed. Try to stay on main roads with these officers.

    Source(s): OK, to be clear, you have to defeat many more blacklists to unlock more intense heat levels, just like you have unlocked heat level#3 because you defeated Baron.
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    I think u need to be higher on the blacklist to get higher heat levels.

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